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Support allies with an array of magical enhancements
—Paradigm description

Synergist is a role in Final Fantasy XIII-2. Its main function is to cast positive statuses or "buffs" on allies, as well as nullifying negative ones. Serah and Noel only learn defensive enhancements and therefore have to rely on monster Synergists to enhance the party's offensive capabilities. Lightning in the Lightning's Story: Requiem of the Goddess DLC scenario has a role based on the Synergist called Conjurer.

AI mechanicsEdit

The Synergist prioritizes spells depending on the paradigm tune; if X-tuned, it will bestow single-target spells like Bravery and Protect; if W-tuned, it will bestow multi-target spells like Bravega and Protectga.

Role bonusEdit

The Enhanced Role ability adds 1 rank; if the wearer has no boosts they would instead be treated as having Bonus Boost I and so forth.

Role Status Self Bonus Ally Bonus
Starting Duration Boost +0% Duration Boost +5%
Bonus Boost I Duration Boost +15% Duration Boost +5%
Bonus Boost II Duration Boost +30% Duration Boost +8%
Enhanced Synergist Duration Boost +50% Duration Boost +10%


Stock a set of commands focused on strengthening allies.


Playable charactersEdit

Ability ATB Time (s)Basic duration (in seconds) Role Level
Serah Noel
Protect 2 180 1 3
Raise target's physical resistance.
Shell 2 180 8 1
Raise target's magic resistance.
Veil 2 180 18 7
Raise target's status ailment resistance.
Vigilance 2 180 30 11
Decrease target's odds of being interrupted. Decrease wound damage taken.
Protectga 3 30 18
Enhance all allies' physical resistance.
Shellga 3 30 21
Enhance all allies' magic resistance.
Veilga 3 30 26
Raise all allies resistance to status ailments.
Vigilaga 3 30 28
Decrease all allies' odds of being interrupted. Decrease wound damage taken.


The Conjurer is exclusive to Lightning in the "Requiem of the Goddess" downloadable content scenario. The ATB charge rate is much slower than in other roles, but spells cast by the Conjurer bestow several status enhancements at the cost of removing the previous ones if they were bestowed by other abilities.

Ability ATB Effect Level
Mighty Guard 5 Removes all buffs and casts Protect, Shell, Veil, and Vigilance. 3
Aura 5 Removes all buffs and casts Bravery, Faith, and Haste. 5

Passive abilitiesEdit

Playable charactersEdit

Ability Effect Role Level
Serah Noel
Boon Extend duration of target's existing status enhancements upon bestowing new ones. 50

Paradigm PackEdit

Ability Effect Monsters (level)
Boon Extend duration of target's existing status enhancements upon bestowing new ones. Hidden: Infuse 99+ SAB levels



A synergist is a substance, organ, or other agent that participates in an effect of synergy. Synergy is the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts. The term synergy comes from the Attic Greek word συνεργία synergia from synergos, συνεργός, meaning "working together".


  • In contrast to Final Fantasy XIII, no playable units nor monster allies can learn Haste. The only way for players to obtain Haste is to get a preemptive strike or equipment, like the Hermes Sandals. Another way of obtaining Haste is by reviving an ally using Phoenix Blood or to use a Feral Link that provides Haste, though those are few and far between. Lightning's Aura and War's Benediction are the only commands that can grant Haste, and only to her.
  • The Bar-spells Synergists could learn in Final Fantasy XIII are not available in Final Fantasy XIII-2 in any form. The closest one could get would be resistance accessories.
    • Sentinel's Element Guard is the closest to Bar-spells from the first installment as it reduces received elemental damage.
  • -Ga versions of spells have been added since Final Fantasy XIII and they share similarities with the now removed -ra versions: Both the -ga and -ra tiers have significantly shorter durations than their regular versions, but the boost for Bravery, Protect, Faith, and Shell hasn't changed.
  • Since the removal of the Water element, Enwater has disappeared and Enaero has been added.
  • Vigilance has had its effect partially changed since Final Fantasy XIII; it no longer boosts the affected character's chances of interrupting enemies. Instead, Vigilance now lowers Wound damage taken.