Noctis wields the Sword of the Father.

A king was father to the Chosen One, and nurtured the light that would shine upon all creations. This was his mighty sword. It makes the great greater.

Sword of the Father (父王の剣, Chichi-ō no Ken?, lit. Sword of the Father King) is King Regis's sword in the Final Fantasy XV Universe. It is a royal arm, only able to be brandished by the line of Lucian kings. It is an elaborately decorated sword that has a wing-ornament on one side of the hilt.


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Regis fends off an attack with the Sword of the Father.

King Regis uses the sword as his iconic weapon, the same way his son Noctis Lucis Caelum becomes associated with the Engine Blade, gifted to him on his sixteenth birthday. When General Glauca and the forces of Niflheim attack Tenebrae where Regis and Noctis are visiting, Regis fends off Glauca's attack on him with the Sword of the Father before their escape back to Insomnia. Needing to maintain the Wall around Insomnia drains Regis of his life-force, however, and he becomes frail and stops wielding the sword.

When the Crown City is attacked by Niflheim forces, Regis summons weapons to his side, but is ultimately killed by Glauca after he passes on the Ring of the Lucii so it may end in the hands of its rightful owner: Noctis. Ravus Nox Fleuret, the former prince of Tenebrae with grudge against Lucis and Regis, takes Regis's sword from his corpse. He cannot brandish it as he is not of the Lucian bloodline, but nevertheless keeps the sword by his side and people begin commenting on him carrying it. Ravus claims the late king gifted him with the glaive as a gesture of goodwill before the signing, denying he took it as a spoil of war.

Ravus serves the Niflheim Empire as a high commander, but in time is convinced by his sister to help Noctis to become the Chosen King. When Noctis learns Ravus has been seen with the sword, he feels ambivalent but believes he will be able to reclaim the sword from him. Ravus had written letters to Lunafreya where he had told her Noctis is not worthy of either her sacrifice or King Regis's sword, but that if Noctis proves himself worthy by obtaining Leviathan's blessing he would gladly bequeath the sword.


Noctis inherits the Sword of the Father.

Noctis infiltrates the imperial capital to salvage Lucis's stolen Crystal so he may save the world from daemons. He finds his powers have been sealed and that he cannot summon his weapons to his side, and goes through the imperial magitek laboratory with the Ring of the Lucii as his only means of offense. He comes across Ravus's dead body and reclaims the Sword of the Father from him. Recognizing its rightful wielder, the sword glows when Noctis grasps its hilt. Noctis learns Ravus had been safekeeping the sword for him from the letters that are scattered about his body.

At last you have arrived, Noctis. The gods have shown you their favor. As blood of the Oracle, I present you your father's glaive. Now go forth, my king. Shine your light onto the world.
—Ravus Nox Fleuret to "Noctis"

Ravus fights daemons with the Sword of the Father.

Ravus had been betrayed by Ardyn Izunia who had assumed the form of Noctis. Ravus had tried to bestow the Sword of the Father to him, but Ardyn had cut his prosthetic arm down with his own Sword of the Father and left him with the sword with Ravus's arm and the letters he had sent to Lunafreya for the real Noctis to find. Before his death, Ravus had fought the daemons the emperor had ushered upon him with the Sword of the Father, despite it having been reported earlier that he cannot brandish it. This may be the reason he lost, or his newfound loyalty to Noctis may have had the sword accept him allowing him to wield it.

Noctis clears the rest of the laboratory wielding the sword, and turns off the device that was sealing his magic. He finds the Crystal but is absorbed inside it, and the world is taken over by the Starscourge and daemons. Noctis reawakens ten years later and returns to the ruins of Insomnia to fulfill the prophecy of the True King. He duels his heretical ancestor, Ardyn, who has become the embodiment of the powers of darkness. Noctis attacks Ardyn with each of his royal arms, and delivers the final blow with the Sword of the Father.

Noctis sits on the throne of Lucis and calls upon its past kings who attack him one by one while Noctis grips onto the Sword of the Father. As Noctis's soul is taken by the Ring of the Lucii, he enters the realm beyond where he and the past kings' spirits erase Ardyn's soul and banish darkness from the world.


Ravus with the Sword of the Father.

In an alternate ending where Ravus never dies, he bequeaths the sword to Noctis at the steps of the Citadel as he returns.

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Sword of the Father
(Sword of the Father King)
Royal Arms1416Strength: +100
Magic: +100
A sword that increases its wielder's Strength after Finishers
Buy: —
Sell: —
Reward: Main quest: Zegnautus Keep
A king was father to the Chosen One, and nurtured the light that would shine upon all creations. This was his mighty sword. It makes the great greater.

The sword is obtained during Chapter 13 of Final Fantasy XV in the Zegnautus Keep. For a time it is the player's only melee weapon. As a royal arm, it drains Noctis's HP when used as a normal weapon. After the player regains the rest of their weapons, the Sword of the Father is also used as part of Armiger. When the player performs the last stage of Armiger Chain the thirteenth and final attack is Noctis using the Sword of the Father. It also features prominently in Armiger Unleashed, Noctis even dual-wielding it with the Engine Blade in Armiger Vortex.

When the player loads their "game cleared" save and enters Chapter 15, Noctis will be equipped with the Sword of the Father as his only weapon by default.

Final Fantasy XV Royal Arm Sword of the Father 父王之劍

Final Fantasy XV Royal Arm Sword of the Father 父王之劍

Sword of the Father

Sword of the Father briefly increases its wielder's strength after finishers. Attacking with it performs basic sword slashes, one of them leaving a hologram that damages enemies that come into contact with it like with Trident of the Oracle. The last attack is a slow, but powerful and gives +200 Strength for 5 seconds. The finisher can be used to put enemies in Vulnerable state and then attack them with the boosted Strength. It is possible to skip to the finisher (works with any weapon) by starting a combo, pausing, and during the flourish where Noctis returns the weapon press attack again. With the Sword of the Father, the player won't skip right into the finisher, but into the thrust right before it.

Its aerial combo is same as with normal swords, and moving closer to an enemy to attack in a "mini warp" doesn't cost MP when attacking with it. Its phase counter is a stab. Warp-striking with it leaves behind a damaging hologram and consumes less health than warp-striking with other royal arms.

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

FFRK Sword of the Father FFXV

Sword of the Father appears as a weapon. Its initial attack power is 126 with a maximum of 190, making among the strongest weapons. Its Accuracy is 95. It contains the Armiger Overstrike Soul Break.



Sword of the Father is one of the weapons for Noctis's Play Arts Kai.

Noctis's Play Arts Kai figure comes with his Engine Blade and the Sword of the Father. The figure included in the Ultimate Collector's Edition doesn't have the same weapons as the regular version.




Assassin's Creed Origins Easter egg.

  • In the second part of the Leviathan battle, Noctis wields every royal arm, including the ones he hasn't obtained yet. If a player can execute a complete combo, Noctis will finish using the same attack pattern he uses when finishing a combo with the Sword of the Father, which at this point should be in Ravus's possession.
  • Sword of the Father is the weakest royal arm.
  • An artwork of Noctis holding the Sword of the Father is an Easter egg in Assassin's Creed Origins. This is because of Square Enix and Ubisoft's collaboration between Final Fantasy XV and Assassin's Creed: Origins that resulted in Final Fantasy XV: Assassin's Festival.

The sword Noctis uses to defeat Mystic.

  • The Windows and Royal Editions have a boss battle against the Mystic, whom Noctis finishes off with a sword that he doesn't normally have: it has a similar yet truncated blade as the Sword of the Father, and a different hilt. This is actually the sword that King Regis had in the Dawn trailer (Regis-Noctis-Dawn-Trailer-FFXV). Promotional art that accompanied the trailer (see Gallery) shows Regis with the Sword of the Father, however, implying the "Dawn" sword is perhaps an early version of it.