This is the sword. The nethicite destroyer.

The Sword of Kings (覇王の剣, Haō no Ken?, lit. Dynast King's Blade) is a sword in Final Fantasy XII that belonged to the Dynast King Raithwall and has the power to cut nethicite.


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Raithwall wielding the Sword of Kings.

The Sword of Kings was given to King Raithwall centuries ago by the Occuria, self-appointed gods of Ivalice who wish to steer the land's history to a direction they deem appropriate by meddling with the mortals' affairs. The Sword of Kings was given to Raithwall so that he may cut off nethicite from the Sun-Cryst, a powerful crystal and the source of all nethicite power. He traveled to the Pharos and cut three shards off the Cryst, and wielded the nethicite to unite all of Ivalice in the Galtean Alliance. He gave the Sword of Kings to the Gran Kiltias of the Light of Kiltia faith to keep it safe. The Gran Kiltias did so, by sealing it in the Stilshrine of Miriam.

Seven centuries later, Princess Ashe arrives Mt Bur-Omisace looking for a power that can counter nethicite. A rogue Occurian Venat wants to undermine the other Occuria's influence in Ivalice by instating his own "Dynast-King," Vayne Carudas Solidor of the Archadian Empire, and has spurred the empire to steal the pieces of deifacted nethicite Raithwall once cut from the Sun-Cryst from the kingdoms of Ivalice, as well as taught the Archadian scientist Cidolfus Demen Bunansa how to manufacture manmade nethicite. Vayne and Venat's conquest of Ivalice threatens Princess Ashe's kingdom of Dalmasca, and Gran Kiltias Anastasis tells her of the Sword of Kings. The party travels to the shrine, and finds the sword.

Sword of Kings in stilshrine of miriam

The party finds the Sword of Kings deep inside the Stilshrine of Miriam.

Ashe's traveling companion Vaan urges Ashe to test the sword's might against the lusterless Dawn Shard, a piece of deifacted nethicite that has lost its power. Ashe attempts it but her hand is stayed by an apparition of her late husband, Lord Rasler. Rasler's ghostly visit convinces Ashe the sword is genuine, and the party heads for the Draklor Laboratory in Archades to destroy the empire's nethicite with it. They fail at their quest, as Cid escapes with the nethicite in hand.

Cid lures Ashe to the Ancient City of Giruvegan where she is spirited away to the realm of the Occuria, who wish to make her their new Dynast-King to oppose Venat and Vayne. The Occuria gift her the Treaty-Blade, a "sister sword" to the Sword of the Kings that likewise can cut though nethicite, and task her with carving her own pieces of deifacted nethicite from the Sun-Cryst to lay waste to the empire.

The occurian swords

Ashe with the Sword of Kings and the Treaty-Blade.

Upon reaching the Sun-Cryst Ashe must decide whether to destroy it, or use its power to defeat the empire like the Occuria ask her to. Upon realizing she has been manipulated by the Occuria to do their bidding via illusions of her late husband, she decides to destroy the Cryst and rid Ivalice of nethicite. Wielding the Sword of Kings and the Treaty Blade, Vaan and Ashe attempt to destroy the Cryst, but it has grown too volatile for them to get close, spilling Mist over Ivalice.

Reddas, a mysterious sky pirate traveling with Ashe, takes the Sword of Kings from her and destroys the Sun-Cryst while Ashe and the others escape. Reddas is killed in the explosion, and it can be assumed the Sword of Kings was destroyed along with him. With the Sun-Cryst destroyed nethicite loses its power, and the Occuria lose their means of manipulating human affairs to their own ends.

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The Sword of Kings is a two-handed greatsword with an Attack power of 30 and an Evade of 30 with a 25% chance to perform multiple hits. It requires no license to equip. Stat-wise, it is identical to the Treaty-Blade. All greatswords have 2.47s charge, and 1.2s action time, making them average what it comes to attacking speed.

Despite being able to cut through nethicite, Sword of Kings is a fairly weak weapon. Its only special quality being a high combo rate and that it can't knockback opponents even if other greatswords can.

In the Zodiac versions, it has an Attack Power of 53 and can be equipped by all jobs. Additional copies, or a convincing replica, can be stolen from Belias on the tenth stage of Trial Mode in The Zodiac Age.

Other appearancesEdit

Dissidia 012 Final FantasyEdit

Dissidia012 The Sword of Kings appears as Vaan's second exclusive weapon, with ATK +63 and EX Core Absorption +20%.

Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit


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Final Fantasy ExplorersEdit


The uncanny brand of a champion from another world. Seeks not to be used, raising evasion instead.
FFE Vaan

Vaan wields the Sword of Kings, even if he wasn't associated with the weapon in Final Fantasy XII, as the player can assign any weapon to any character, and thus character-specific ultimate weapons do not exist.

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A sword is a blade weapon used primarily for cutting or thrusting. The precise definition of the term varies with the historical epoch or the geographical region under consideration. A sword in the most narrow sense consists of a straight blade with two edges and a hilt. However, in nearly every case, the term may also be used to refer to weapons with a single edge (backsword).