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Use magic with sword.

Swd Mag (魔法剣, Mahōken?, lit. Magic Sword) is Adelbert Steiner's special ability from Final Fantasy IX as long as Vivi is in the party. Abilities become available when Vivi learns the corresponding Black Magic spell.

Sword Magic adds to Steiner's weapon's attack power and adds the spell's element (if it has one) to the attack. These abilities ignore the Protect status, and does not remove the Sleep status. Steiner cannot use this if Vivi isn't in the party, or if Vivi is under the Silence status. Only Steiner's MP is consumed.

List of Sword MagicEdit

Ability MP Cost Effect Image
Fire Sword 6 Strikes the enemy with Fire Sword. Atk Pwr +5. FFIX Fire Sword
Fira Sword 12 Strikes the enemy with Fira Sword. Atk Pwr +10. FFIX Fira Sword
Firaga Sword 30 Strikes the enemy with Firaga Sword. Atk Pwr +30. FFIX Firaga Sword
Blizzard Sword 6 Strikes the enemy with Blizzard Sword. Atk Pwr +5. FFIX Blizzard Sword
Blizzara Sword 12 Strikes the enemy with Blizzara Sword. Atk Pwr +10. FFIX Blizzara Sword
Blizzaga Sword 30 Strikes the enemy with Blizzaga Sword. Atk Pwr +30. FFIX Blizzaga Sword
Thunder Sword 6 Strikes the enemy with Thunder Sword. Atk Pwr +5. FFIX Thunder Sword
Thundara Sword 12 Strikes the enemy with Thundara Sword. Atk Pwr +10. FFIX Thundara Sword
Thundaga Sword 30 Strikes the enemy with Thundaga Sword. Atk Pwr +30. FFIX Thundaga Sword
Bio Sword 20 Strikes the enemy with Bio Sword. Atk Pwr +20.

Due to a bug, Bio Sword never inflicts Poison.

FFIX Bio Sword
Water Sword 26 Strikes the enemy with Water Sword. Atk Pwr +25. FFIX Water Sword
Flare Sword 60 Strikes the enemy with Flare Sword. Atk Pwr +60. FFIX Flare Sword
Doomsday Sword 50 Strikes the enemy with Doomsday Sword. Atk Pwr +40. FFIX Doomsday Sword

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit


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