Swamp Mafdet is a rare enemy from Final Fantasy X. It is fought in Via Purifico under the city of Bevelle after Yuna is put on trial. Auron's piercing weapons are particularly effective. Its attacks are purely physical but can occasionally cause Slow.

In the US version of the game, Swamp Mafdets will drop weapons and armor without any abilities. The error was fixed for INT/PAL versions of the game to allow them to drop weapons with any of the elemental strikes and/or Distil Power. They also drop armor Berserk Ward and/or Defense +5%.


Attack PatternEdit

From Final Fantasy X Ultimania Guide (translated from japanese).

Basic patternEdit

  • If Auron is present in battle:
    • Physical attack on random target (50% chance).
    • Physical attack on Auron (50% chance).
  • Otherwise:
    • Physical attack on random target (50% chance).
    • Physical attack on the character with the lowest current HP (50% chance).

Special patternEdit



In Egyptian mythology, Mafdet was a feline goddess representing justice and executions. Her image serves as a warning on many chambers and tombs with riches inside.

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