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Gladiolus's skill in Final Fantasy XV is Survival, which has him find items during and upon winning battles; the higher the Survival Skill Level, the better items he can find. Gladiolus can find consumable items like potions and elixirs and treasures from animal parts to coins and notes. The higher level Survival skill provides better quality items at the end of fights, no matter what the outcome is.

Survival levels up by running on the field. The player can leave the game to run on its own with the controller in a position the party will run in circles to accumulate steps to level up Gladiolus's Survival. The Fitter Survival Exploration ability from the Ascension offers a 25% chance for Gladiolus to find double items after battle with his Survival skill. Fittest Survival improves the chance to 50%.


The probability of finding an item after a battle is determined by the number of steps Noctis has taken since the previous battle. The more steps between battles, the greater the chance of obtaining an item. One item can be obtained during battle, and one at the battle's end.

The probability of a successful survival check (p) that results in an item is indicated in the formula:

p = (10 + Skill Level)/100[1]

The number of times the game does the calculation for the steps between battles (n) is expressed as:

n = (Current Step Total – Step Total After Previous Battle) x 0.01[1]

This means that the game processes the p calculation n times. This stops as soon as the player obtains an item through the skill. Only one item will obtained per battle.

The final item reward probability r for each battle is expressed as:

r = 1 – (1 – p)n[1]

Survival LevelEdit

Gladiolus's Survival Level has little impact on the overall chance of finding an item, but determines which item will be given.[1] Improving Survival level the first time earns the Survival Rookie achievement/trophy. Maxing it out yields Survival Expert.

Level 1Edit

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