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FFXIIMeeting with garif

The meeting with Supinelu.

I hope to be as great a War-chief as my brother.
—War-chief Supinelu

War-chief Supinelu (戦士長スピネル, Senshichou Supineru?) is a garif in Final Fantasy XII. He is first encountered as a garif warrior in the Ozmone Plain. He then allows the party to enter Jahara.


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Supinelu was just a lowly warrior in his tribe, and his brother Kadalu was the respected and revered War-chief in Jahara. However, Supinelu believed that he was better than his brother, and ventured to the Zertinan Caverns to prove this. He aims to slay the fearful Catoblepas, a Mark that many had tried to kill to no avail.

However, Catoblepas proved to be more powerful than he had expected, and Supinelu was sure his life would end in its hands. His brother Kadalu came to his rescue, but his leg was severely injured. From that day on, Kadalu had to cease being the War-chief, and Supinelu was placed in his stead. He brought himself into believing that the War-chief title was placed on him as his punishment. However, as to not shame his brother, Supinelu would train every single day at the Ozmone Plain with one aim in mind - to finally slay the Catoblepas.

One day, Vaan and the party arrived at the Ozmone Plain on their way to Jahara. While in training, Supinelu saw the party defeating the monsters in the plains, and admired their fighting skills. Meeting the party at the village's gate and hearing the reasons for their visit, he allowed them to enter to meet the Great-chief Uball-Ka.

After the initial meeting, Supinelu placed a bill on the Hunt Noticeboard for a witness to his fight against the Catoblepas. He was surprised to see Vaan applying for the bill, and promptly made the request that they witness his fight and bring his body home should he die. However, instead of being mere witnesses, Vaan and the party assisted in the killing of the Catoblepas. Feeling deeply in gratitude, Supinelu realized that all his actions had only resulted in his betterment. He gains the confidence to lead the warriors again.


Priority Condition Action
1 Self: HP<40% Curaga
2 Self Protect
3 Foe: nearest visible Attack
4 Foe: nearest visible Lunge
5 Foe: nearest visible Smite of Rage
6 Foe: nearest visible Ice Break

Trial ModeEdit

Final Fantasy XII Enemy
War-Chief Supinelu
{{{japan}}} ({{{romaji}}})
Stage 53
Minimum Stats Maximum Stats
Level Level
21 45
3,120 560 5,840 999
Strength Magic Strength Magic
{{{Str min}}} {{{Mag min}}} {{{Str max}}} {{{Mag max}}}
Defense Mag Def Defense Mag Def
13 14 20 37
Vitality Speed Vitality Speed
{{{Vitality min}}} {{{Speed min}}} {{{Vitality max}}} {{{Speed max}}}
Attack Evade% Attack Evade%
{{{Atk min}}} 10 {{{Atk max}}} 15
{{{EXP min}}} N/A {{{EXP max}}} N/A
CP Gil CP Gil
{{{CP min}}} {{{Gil min}}} {{{CP max}}} {{{Gil max}}}
Elemental affinities
Fire Ice Lightning Water
{{{Fire}}} {{{Ice}}} {{{Lightning}}} {{{Water}}}
Wind Earth Dark Holy
{{{Wind}}} {{{Earth}}} {{{Dark}}} {{{Holy}}}
Bestiary Location N/A
Location Ozmone Plain
Zertinan Caverns
Common Steal N/A
Uncommon Steal N/A
Rare Steal N/A
Common Drop ? gil
Uncommon Drop N/A
Rare Drop N/A
Very Rare Drop N/A
Monograph Drop {{{Monograph}}}
Canopic Jar Drop {{{Canopic}}}
Common Poach N/A
Rare Poach N/A
Attacks ? hit max
Abilities Curaga, Protect, Berserk, Silence, Lunge, Ice Break, Smite of Rage, Screech
Innate abilities Safety, 1/2 MP, Spellbreaker, Null VIT
Immune to Bubble, Lure, Infuse, Berserk, Disease, Slow, Poison, Blind, Silence, Petrify
Other Information Auto-Protect, Auto-Bravery during Catoblepas Hunt.

Supinelu assists against Catoblepas in Stage 52. He and Garif Adventurers are fought in Stage 53.

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