Supersoldier Akkad is an enemy in Final Fantasy Type-0. It is a member of the Freak enemy family with which it shares its model, Rubicus entry and moveset.



Akkad is encountered in in the Ingram Underground. His presence is to act as a looming threat; should the party take too long taking out the imperials, Akkad will catch up. His attacks can be one-hit kills. He is quite slow and not meant to be defeated by Class Zero the first time they attempt the mission. If the cadets defeat Akkad they can unlock a new Rubicus entry, however, but taking him on will decimate the mission score.

Any physical damage dealt to Akkad is almost negligible and he is immune to magic. The best method of damaging him is with Breaksight strikes. In the first battle phase Akkad only has two attacks, and one of them triggers Breaksight chance. His first attack is a spinning horizontal slash. For his second attack he raises his sword and there is a Breaksight chance just before he brings it down. If the player lands a Breaksight strike there is a good chance Akkad will reuse the same attack, allowing for consecutive Breaksight strikes. However, there is also a chance Akkad will use his horizontal attack instead. Akkad can finish his vertical attack with a second, rising attack, regardless of which direction he initially attacked in.

After a little under half of his purple life bar has been depleted, Akkad will roar, signifying the change to the second and more aggressive battle phase. In addition to his horizontal attack and his vertical attack (which no longer triggers a Breaksight chance), he has two new attacks. The first is approaching his target with speed to do three hits, and if all land the effect can be devastating. Akkad can only use this move at range, and the player can outrun him to avoid it. After using it thrice consecutively and failing to land a hit, Akkad returns to his lumbering self, but the "counter" resets when he performs any other attack, or successfully lands his running attack. For his second new attack Akkad lowers his sword and begins spinning, gradually picking up speed until he raises his sword, and as he starts to bring it down there is a Breaksight chance. When hit with a Breaksight strike Akkad drops to his knees and be temporarily unable to attack.

When Akkad's yellow-green bar gets a little under half-way he will roar, signaling the next battle phase. Akkad doesn't gain new attacks but is faster and more ferocious, and when he attacks with his sword it throws projectiles. While not as devastating as Akkad's regular attacks, they are hard to predict and can overwhelm the cadet. The chance for Breaksight remains the same from the previous phase, and again temporarily stuns him.

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When aiming for a good mission score the player should avoid Akkad. If one wants to take him on, however, Akkad can be defeated. To prepare for the battle, it is wise to bring 99 Potions and equip it so they can be used without needing to open the item menu. The cadets should be LV28+. It is best to not engage Akkad until the other enemies in the area have been killed.

For the first phase any cadet with a quick physical attack and average movement speed with weapon drawn is good (Ace with LV2 Melee, Eight, Machina Kunagiri). If hit by Akkad's spinning horizontal slash, the cadet can get away to use a Potion, or get some distance between, put away the weapon, and stand still to recover HP naturally. The best opportunity to damage Akkad is to get in close and hope he uses the move that gives a Breaksight chance, and land the Breaksight strike consistently.

For the second phase King with Melee, Reload and High Cap Magazine 2 is a good choice because he has the fastest basic attack of the ranged cadets (not counting Cater due to her charged shots). Trey can also be used. The best way to avoid Akkad's running attack is to dodge to the side as he gets close. If the player needs healing, they can run away until Akkad gets out of breath. The best strategy is to stay close and dodge a lot, and not let Akkad use his running attack. When Akkad starts his whirling attack the player should get away, lock on, wait for the Breaksight chance, and fire. When Akkad is on his knees following a successful Breaksight strike, it is a good time to heal and reload, or to deal damage by spamming King's melee attack, or Trey's fully Charged Shots or Dynamite Arrows.

For the third phase, Jack with Slipstream and Lightning Flash is a good choice. If at any point he takes too much damage, the player can hide behind a train car to use a Potion. The player should stay close to Akkad and wait for his whirling attack and its Breaksight chance. While the whirling attack throws the most red projectiles, if Akkad starts it while targeting the player, they should only be hit by the last one. As Akkad finishes spinning, the player should dodge into him and use the dodge to buffer Jack's basic attack by mashing the attack button before the dodge animation ends. When Akkad is stunned from a Breaksight strike Jack can use Lightning Flash until he starts to get back up.

Rather than having all chosen cadets in the party at one time, it is better to let Akkad kill each character after starting a new phase, and call in the next cadet from the reserve. Allies will likely be killed.

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Akkad, like the Loricans Gilgamesh, Enkidu and Atra, share a naming theme that they all are from Sumerian mythology. Akkad was the capital of the Akkadian Empire and is the source of the most common translation of the Epic of Gilgamesh. This hints that Akkad may be a kidnapped or tortured Lorican.

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