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Supersoldier is an enemy family in Final Fantasy Type-0. It contains five variants and four different enemies.

Enemy CompendiumEdit

The name "supersoldier" may be somewhat of a misnomer: there is nothing "super" about the soldier himself. Rather, what is truly remarkable is the teknology used to improve his performance. Imperial scientists discovered they can use a modified C-Engine to extract energy from the White Tiger Crystal and artificially enhance a trooper's physical capabilities. Supersoldiers clearly stand apart from their common counterparts in terms of both strength and endurance. Moreover, scientists have included a system in the troopers' armor that will automatically administer a strength serum, enhancing the supersoldiers' strength and agility exponentially. Imperial Central Command issues this valuable armor almost exclusively to a few high-ranking commanders in each squad, although all members of certain elite units are outfitted with this special gear.

List of enemiesEdit

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