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FFT Summoner

Summoner (召喚士, Shōkanshi?) is a job in Final Fantasy Tactics unlocked by achieving level 3 in Time Mage. A strong, magical-based job, the Summoner can summon espers to deal massive damage to all enemies, or aid allies. Their magick stats are high, but their other stats are lacking. To master this job in the original version, a unit needs 9,710 JP as well as having been attacked by Darkening Cloud. As of Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions, 9,800 JP is needed to learn every ability.

Leveling Summoner to level 5, along with Squire, Chemist, Orator, Geomancer, and Dragoon will unlock Mime. Leveling the job to level 5 as well as Orator will unlock the Bard job as well for males.


A warrior who may Summon the most powerful of spirits, the beings known as espers.
Prerequisite Weapons Helmet Armor Equip Shields?
Lv. 3 Time Mage Rods, Staves Hats Robes No
Move Rate Jump Rate Speed Physical Evasion Rate Base Attack Base Magic Base HP Base MP
3 3 8 5% Low High Low High


Summon Magic/SummonEdit

Summoner job command. Calls forth espers from the highest realms of the spirit world.

The amount of damage Summon can inflict is as follows:

\text{Magick Attack} \times \text{PWR} \times (\text{Faith}/100) \times (\text{Target Faith}/100)

The success rate for changing statuses is as follows:

(\text{Magick Attack} + \text{PWR}) \times (\text{Faith}/100) \times (\text{Target Faith}/100)

Leviathan has a 40% chance of randomly being learned in battle by a Summoner who has not yet learned it and is not KO'd by it, or absorbs at least 1 HP worth of damage. Nullifying the damage does not count. Salamander has a 30% chance of being learned, while Odin, Bahamut, and Lich have a 20% chance of being learned. Cyclops has a 10% chance of being learned, and Zodiark has a 90% chance of being learned.

Original Name WotL Name MP Cost Range Effect Speed JP Needed
Mogri Moogle 8 4 3 34 110
Moogle Charm. An esper that soothes injuries with a purifying breeze, restoring HP.
Quote: "Kupo! Round and round you go! Moogle!"
Shiva 24 4 3 25 200
Glacial Shards. An esper with punishingly frigid breath.
Element: Ice.
Quote: "Wind, fade to silence and light, give us power! Shiva!"
Ramuh 24 4 3 25 200
Judgment Bolt. An esper that relentlessly rains down lightning.
Element: Lightning.
Quote: "Master of creation, impart thy help! Ramuh!"
Ifrit 24 4 3 25 200
Infernal Blaze. An esper whose breath of flame scorches the battlefield.
Element: Fire.
Quote: "King of flames, burn into cinders! Ifrit!"
Titan 30 4 3 20 220
Gaia's Wrath. An esper that levels the earth with a mighty blow.
Element: Earth.
Quote: "Bear down with land energy! Titan!"
Golem 40 All allies 34 500
Earthen Wall. An esper that absorbs damage from physical attacks on behalf of allies until its limit is reached.
Quote: "Earth-minded soul, protect us! Golem!"
Carbunkle Carbuncle 30 4 3 25 350
Ruby Light. An esper whose ruby light reflects magicks cast on allies.
Effect: Reflect.
Quote: "Impart light to fight our holy war! Carbunkle!"
Bahamut 60 4 4 10 1600
Megaflare. An esper that attacks with its fearsome breath.
Quote: "Scorch with dragon flame! Bahamut!"
Odin 50 4 4 12 900
Obliteration. An esper that charges through the battlefield astride a fearsome mount, doing great damage.
Quote: "Slash away with the Land's fury! Odin!"
Leviathan 48 4 4 12 850/860
Tidal Wave. An esper that engulfs the battlefield in a massive tidal wave.
Element: Water.
Quote: "Sea fang, attack with water's power! Leviathan!"
Salamander 48 4 3 12 820/860
Wyrmfire. An esper that scorches the battlefield with its savage flames.
Element: Fire.
Quote: "Evil flames, entrust your power to us! Salamander!"
Silf Sylph 26 4 3 20 400
Whispering Wind. An esper that employs the lingering life force of windswept leaves to silence enemies.
Effect: Silence.
Quote: "Show us to put our lives back on track! Silf!"
Fairy Faerie 28 4 3 25 460/400
Fey Light. An esper that restores HP.
Quote: "Shiny crystal light, energize! Fairy!"
Rich Lich 40 4 3 12 600
Descending Darkness. An esper born in, of, and to darkness. Deals out devastating dark damage.
Element: Dark.
Quote: "Death song, death door, death river awaiting! Rich!"
Cyclops 62 4 3 12 1000
Climactic Fear. An esper whose forceful blows tear the battlefield asunder.
Quote: "Scatter frozen blades of air! Clops!"
Zodiac Zodiark 99 4 4 10
Darkening Cloud. An esper that bathes the earth in radiant beams of focused starlight.
Quote: "Attack by the Master of commandments! Zodiac!"
Note: Must be cast on the Summoner for them to learn it (or can be learned by casting it on an enemy summoner and learning it from their crystal)

Reaction AbilitiesEdit

Original Name WotL Name Description Trigger JP Needed
MP Restore Critical: Recover MP Recover MP when critically wounded. Critical 400

Support AbilitiesEdit

Original Name WotL Name Description JP Needed
Half of MP Halve MP Reduce MP consumption by half when using magicks. 900/1000

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy ArtniksEdit

Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit

Some of the summon commands appear.

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Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

Summoners appear on cards.



Evocation is the act of calling upon or summoning a spirit, demon, god or other supernatural agent, in the Western mystery tradition. Comparable practices exist in many religions and magical traditions and may employ the use of mind-altering substances with and without uttered word formulas.


The summons in the PlayStation translation were originally called summon monsters, but were renamed to espers with the newer translation.

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