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Sulyya Springs Art
"Sulyya Springs"
FFXIII - Sulyya Springs
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"Sulyya Springs" (スーリヤ湖, Sūriya Mizūmi?) is a background theme from Final Fantasy XIII. It is a calm track which features vocals. It was composed by Masashi Hamauzu.

Game appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

XIII Sulyya Springs plays at its eponymous location and at the entrance of the Faultwarrens. It is the seventh track of the fourth disc of the game's original soundtrack.

The composer Masashi Hamauzu has said that observing the results of "Sulyya Springs" turned out to be among the most rewarding experiences of composing for Final Fantasy XIII.[1] The vocalists for the song are Mina and Frances Maya. Hamauzu describes Mina a skilled mukkur player, an Ainu instrument he felt would be a perfect fit for Final Fantasy XIII.


Won't be afraid
Leading the way
Reaching for the glowing star
Wish me luck till the day I die
Reaching for the glowing star
Wish me luck till the day I die
Reaching for the glowing star
Wish me luck till the day I die

Final Fantasy XIII-2Edit

XIII-2 Sulyya Springs returns in the sequel as the background theme for the entirety of the Academy HQ at Academia 4XX AF as well as the background theme of Oerba 300 AF.

Arrangement album appearancesEdit

Piano Collections: Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

A motif of "Sulyya Springs" is used as part of "Reminiscence - Sulyya Springs Motif" (回想 ~「スーリヤ湖」のモチーフによる~, Kaisō ~ "Sūriya Mizūmi" no mochīfu ni yoru?), the ninth track arranged on this piano album.

Compilation album appearancesEdit

W/F: Music from Final Fantasy XIII -Gentle Reveries-Edit

"Choose to Fight" is one of the tracks in this gramophone record album. It is the second track of Side B.


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