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Suffering is a boss in Final Fantasy Dimensions and one of the Blades of Nil. The player finds it in the World of Suffering through the Dark Gate.

Suffering terrorizes the population of Alfheim by depriving them of their trust, thus making the elves hostile to humans. The party battles the beast and vanquishes it restoring trust to the land.


Suffering employs Wind-based attacks as its main form of offensive, casing Aero on a single target or to the whole party for around 3000 and 1500 damage respectively. Its other attacks involve a normal physical attack that hits for around 1000, Blaster which can instantly kill a single target and Forsaken which damages MP and can inflict confusion. During the middle of the fight Suffering will use Enaero boosting the power of its wind attacks, but its arsenal remains unchanged. It will cast Enaero if times out and it cannot be dispelled.


While more challenging than other Blades of Nil, Suffering isn't particularly difficult although the player should be prepared. Two healers should suffice in keeping the damage in check specially with Shell placed on the whole party. Most attacks can hurt Suffering for good damage as it lacks the defenses of Despair. Hastega and if possible Mighty Wall will be of great help as it will substantially increase the damage output.

Overall the player only needs to be careful and be sure to set its defenses and heal consistently and Suffering should fall without major issues.


Suffering, or pain in a broad sense, is an experience of unpleasantness and aversion associated with the perception of harm or threat of harm in an individual.

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