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Juggler command. Attack with hoops and balls.

Stunt (曲芸, Kyokugei?, lit. Acrobatics) is an action ability usable by the Juggler in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.


Ability Equipment Effect AP Power Range
Hurl Kris Knife Throw stocked item to deal damage. 100 4
Ring Rondell Dagger Throw hoop to stop target. 200 4
Firebomb Khukuri Damaging molotov cocktail. Induces berserker rage. 300 30 4
Ball Scramasax Smacks head with ball to confuse target. 200 4
Dagger Jambiya Thrown dagger deals damage and disables target. 300 35 4
Smile Orichalcum Spreads the joy to allow ally to act immediately. 300 4
Gil Toss Jack Knife Throws gil to deal damage. Gil thrown is lost. 100 4


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