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Striker is an enemy in Final Fantasy Type-0 that can be encountered from when the Dominion of Rubrum reclaim control of Rubrum territory.

Enemy CompendiumEdit

Officially designated as the S-242 Terrain MA, the Striker was deployed across Orience as a part of the imperial army's main force at the beginning of war. Even after the empire sanctioned this mech in the year 840, the researchers at the Steelworks continued making updates and improvements to the basic model. The Striker's 155mm howitzer fires quickly enough to suppress enemies from a distance, and this MA's superior mobility allows it to engage targets at close range as well. At the onset of war, third-generation Strikers made up over half of the Militesi force. However, although the third model boasted improved performance in close quarters combat, its cooling system did not function properly, and the striker would often overheat in battle. Nevertheless, this MA still enjoys great popularity thanks to its ability to keep the dominion legions at bay.



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