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Strigoi is a Cie'th in Final Fantasy XIII. It is smaller than the Vampire, but bigger than the Taxim.

Battle Edit

The Strigoi is an easy enemy to defeat. It has a high stagger point, but low chain resistance, so staggering it with Ravagers' elemental spells is easy.

Strategy Edit

Entering battle with a preemptive strike is useful. Start with a paradigm with Saboteurs the party can debuff the Strigoi. Once all the debuffs have stuck, Relentless Assault will soon stagger it.

Etymology Edit

In Romanian mythology, strigoi are the troubled souls of the dead rising from the grave. Some strigoi can be living people with magical properties, including the ability to transform into an animal, invisibility, and the propensity to drain the vitality of victims via blood loss. Strigoi are also known as immortal vampires. In Romanian, striga means "scream."

Related enemies Edit

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Edit

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