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Strength (ちから, Chikara?), usually abbreviated as Str, STR, also known as Power and Vigor, is a recurring stat that determines physical damage. It is often associated with Attack Power. It is paramount to jobs that deal physical damage, and most important to those who do physical damage in melee combat. Strength is compared against the opponent's Defense to determine the amount of damage done.

In early games, Vigor cannot be modified by equipment. Instead, a separate statistic known as Attack Power provided by the equipment is used to determine how powerful the equipment is. A character's Vigor and his or her weapon's Attack Power are usually combined to determine the character's true attack power. Many special physical abilities have set Battle Powers, and cannot be augmented by weapons, only by a character's Vigor stat.


Final FantasyEdit

In the original Final Fantasy, strength is one of the five base stats and one of the two factors that affect the character's damage (the other being the weapon equipped).

A character's base damage is equal to STR/2, rounding down. However, it has a minimum of one, even when STR is one, which causes black mages and black wizards to have a base DMG of STR/2+1.

Final Fantasy IIEdit

Strength increases a character's regular attack damage (the damage dealt by the "Attack" option) and accuracy with physical attacks. In earlier versions of Final Fantasy II, Strength may decrease from frequently using White Magic.

Final Fantasy IIIEdit

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Final Fantasy IVEdit

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Final Fantasy IV -Interlude-Edit

Strength returns in the sequel to Final Fantasy IV, and works the same way as it did in that game.

Final Fantasy IV: The After YearsEdit

Strength is calculated the same way as has its predecessors, meaning that Strength determines how much damage a character will deal when physically attacking.

Final Fantasy VEdit

The character's Strength is determined by the job he or she is currently in. Monks and Gladiators are the strongest jobs, while the Summoner is the weakest. The Monk's Barehanded ability gives another job same attack power as with a Monk when unarmed. The Knight's Two-Handed ability increases attack power, but lets the character equip no shield. The Bard's Sinewy Etude song boosts the party's Strength while he or she is singing.

Final Fantasy VIEdit

Also known as Vigor. The higher Strength is, the greater the physical damage the character deals to the enemy is. This stat is independent and its value merges with the weapon's Attack Power value. Although the numerical maximum of the stat is 255 raising Strength above 128 is pointless, as 128 is the point the damage maxes out and damage can only be boosted further by equipping a stronger weapon.

Each character has a static Strength stat that can only be increased by leveling up with an Esper that gives a bonus to Strength on level up. Of the main playable characters, Sabin has the highest base strength, while Relm has the lowest.

Final Fantasy VIIEdit

The character's Strength stat added to the equipped weapon's attack power is used to determine damage caused by a physical attack.

The formula for base damage from a physical attack is as follows, where Att = Str + Weapon Power:

\mbox{Base Damage} = \mbox{Att} + \frac{(\mbox{Att} + \mbox{Lv})}{32} * \frac{\mbox{Att} * \mbox{Lv}}{32}

Strength can be upgraded with the Power Source item (morphed from Heavy Tank and Unknown). Equipment can also boost the user's Strength, especially the accessory Champion Belt.

The characters each have their unique stat growth when leveling up. Even though each stat growth via level up is randomized, the game is programmed in such manner the character can never stray too far from the intended average.

List of characters' possible minimum and maximum Strength upon Level 99 with no Power Sources:

Character Minimum Strength Maximum Strength
Cloud 98 100
Tifa 89 96
Aeris 71 78
Barret 94 100
Red XIII 84 91
Cid 85 92
Yuffie 82 89
Vincent 74 81
Cait Sith 78 85

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-Edit

Strength determines the power of Zack's physical attacks. It can be boosted via accessories and leveling up, but the main form of stat boost in the game is through Materia. Materia's stats can be boosted via Materia Fusion. Using Hero Drinks in the fusion adds +1 to Strength in the resulting Materia.

Zack's base Strength stat is a fixed number and depends on his level, unlike in Final Fantasy VII where stat growth is random. After level 75 the Strength growth halts and grows only a little bit.

The below values are from Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- FAQ/Walkthrough by Absolute Steve

Level Strength Level Strength
6 19 53 55
7 20 54 55
8 21 55 56
9 22 56 57
10 23 57 57
11 25 58 57
12 26 59 58
13 27 60 58
14 27 61 58
15 28 62 59
16 29 63 59
17 30 64 59
18 30 65 59
19 31 66 61
20 32 67 61
21 33 68 61
22 35 69 61
23 35 70 62
24 36 71 62
25 37 72 62
26 38 73 62
27 38 74 62
28 39 75 63
29 40 76 63
30 40 77 64
31 41 78 64
32 42 79 64
33 43 80 64
34 44 81 64
35 45 82 64
36 45 83 64
37 46 84 64
38 46 85 64
39 47 86 64
40 47 87 64
41 48 88 65
42 48 89 65
43 49 90 65
44 50 91 65
45 51 92 62
46 51 93 65
47 52 94 65
48 52 95 65
49 52 96 65
50 53 97 65
51 54 98 65
52 54 99 66

Final Fantasy VIIIEdit

Strength stat determines the power of physical attacks and physical Limit Breaks. The characters base stats are low, but Rinoa, surprisingly, has the highest natural Strength of the main six playable characters. Strength can be permanently boosted with Str Up items and leveling up (Ifrit and Cactuar also have a Str Bonus that works like the Espers' level up bonuses in Final Fantasy VI), but the main method is via junctioning.

Guardian Forces with Str-J ability allow its user to junction spells to the character's Strength stat, and GFs also learn Str+% abilities to boost it further. The best spells to junction to Strength are Ultima, Meteor, Aura and Triple.

Final Fantasy IXEdit

Strength determines the power of physical attacks, such as Steiner's Sword Arts and Freya's Jump, as well as the characters' normal physical attacks.

Formula for Strength:

\mbox{StrBase} + \frac{\mbox{Level} * 3}{10} + \frac{\mbox{StrBonus}}{32}

The StrBase values differ from character to character, but never change. The StrBonus is the only way the player can affect the Strength growth and every level the bonus goes up by a rate that's worked out from the character's current stat increases. For example, if the character has equipment that gives extra Strength, then StrBonus will go up by that amount every time they level up. In addition the StrBonus will go up by 3 per level. (See Final Fantasy IX Max Stats FAQ by KADFC).

Steiner's Power Break ability lowers a target's Strength and can be used repeatedly. Eiko's Might spell increases the target's Strength.

Final Fantasy XEdit

See also: Sphere Grid

Strength determines the power of regular attacks, Skills, and some Overdrives. The characters gain Strength by activating Strength nodes on the Sphere Grid. Auron gets the best Strength from his path on the grid, but eventually, every character is able to traverse any path. The player can use Strength Spheres to attain higher stats; the spheres can be obtained by fighting Juggernaut on the Monster Arena.

The Strength+??% abilities on a character's weapon do not increase their Strength stat itself, but directly increase the physical damage dealt by the character.

Tidus's Cheer ability raises the Strength stat by 1 point each cast to the maximum of 5 points.

The aeons have separate stats that increase in conjunction with Yuna's, but the player can also boost them manually, and the stats gradually increase when the player fights battles (any battles count). Of all the aeons, Sandy of the Magus Sisters has the highest Strength, whereas Shiva has the lowest.

In Final Fantasy X, "strength-based" and "physical" are not the same thing, though they do go hand-in-hand more often than not.

Final Fantasy X-2Edit

Strength determines the power of physical attacks. Each dressphere has its own stats and the stats grow naturally when the girls level up. Accessories can boost the stat even further. Dark Knight has the best Strength of all normal jobs, and Songstress the lowest.

All physical attacks follows the following formula:

\mbox{FinalValue} = \frac{(\mbox{Level} + \mbox{Strength}) * \mbox{Level} * \mbox{Strength}}{1024} + \mbox{Strength}[1]

The color for the Strength gauge in the menu is yellow.

Final Fantasy X-2: Last MissionEdit

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Final Fantasy XIEdit

Strength in Final Fantasy XI is stat that is compared with an enemy's vitality to determine the base damage of a character's attacks. It's associated with the element of Fire, and thus many fire-based items add STR to a character's stats.

This stat is very important to almost all physical damage dealing jobs, as it plays a crucial role in weapon skills and physical Blue Magic. Strength also has a direct impact on a character's Attack and Ranged Attack. For every 2 points STR increase a character has, his/her Attack and Ranged Attack value is raised by 1 point. However, when using a two-handed weapon, for every 4 points of STR, your attack value is raised by about 3 (.75 per one point of STR).

Final Fantasy XIIEdit

Strength boosts the power of barehanded attacks and all weapons except maces (magical damage), measures and guns (uses the weapons attack stat only). Each character has their own Strength growth, with Vaan and Basch having the best natural Strength growth and Penelo the worst.

Formula for a character's Strength stat:

Base + (Level x Modifier)/128[2]
  • Base = Base value. Different character has different values.
  • Level = The current level of the character

List of characters' base (BA) and modifier (MO) values:

Character Base Modifier

The Espers also have their own Strength stats.

Esper Base Modifier

Strength is boosted via equipment, with the Heavy Armor having the best boosts. Strength is capped at 99 so any overflow is wasted.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant WingsEdit

Strength determines the power of physical attacks. It can be boosted via appropriate equipment and by leveling up.

Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

Strength is gained via the Crystarium System. Fang has the best natural Strength stat, but characters can also boost their Strength via weapons and accessories. Unlike in most other games, the Strength stat is no longer capped at 99 or 255, and instead rises to the thousands for characters with maxed out Crystarium and weapons. Physical attacks in Final Fantasy XIII are slightly superior to magic attacks when it comes to dealing damage: a Commando with equal Magic and Strength stats would still deal slightly more damage with physical hits than with casting Ruin.

The battle results screen displays the battle's target time. The characters' physical or magic attack stat, whichever is higher, is one of the factors that affects the target time; the stronger the party, the less allotted time they get.

Equipping Fang on maxed out Crystarium with four maxed out Kaiser Knuckles and maxed out Kain's Lance from upgraded Dragoon Lance gives her tremendous 4,167 points in Strength.

Final Fantasy XIII-2Edit

FFXIII-2 Strength Icon

Strength is once again gained via the Crystarium system. Noel Kreiss has better Strength growth than Serah Farron and both can raise it by equipping various weapons and accessories. As for the recruitable monsters, they can raise their Strength not only via the Crystarium, but the infusion as well. Like in Final Fantasy XIII, Strength is not capped to either 99 or 255.

Strength is not considered in the star rating on the battle results screen as monsters have set "Enemy Points" which are taken into account when determining the target time.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

Strength is a stat which determined attack power of physical attacks. It has limit of 5,000 points.

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Final Fantasy XIVEdit

Strength is used to determine how hard your character hits with melee attacks (excluding Rogue, who use Dexterity). This makes it the primary attribute of classes Lancer, Pugilist, Marauder, Gladiator and jobs Dragoon, Monk, Warrior, Paladin.

Final Fantasy Type-0Edit

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Final Fantasy Crystal ChroniclesEdit

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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of FatesEdit

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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of TimeEdit

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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal BearersEdit

Attack, represented by the fire element, is one of Layle's five stats, which, like the other four, can be increased by equipping accessories. Attack determines how much damage Layle can cause enemies.

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of LightEdit

The character's Strength depends on the job they are equipping and grows the character levels up. Strength determines the strength of physical attacks. The Fighter class's attack power is equal to their Strength stat when fighting unarmed. The Dark Fencer has the highest strength growth of all the jobs.

When in animal form the characters' Strength is reduced to 70% of their normal, unless they equip the Beastmaster job, which doubles their power in animal form.

Final Fantasy TacticsEdit

In Final Fantasy Tactics, it is called Physical Attack. It is the number next to the sword icon on the middle panel of the status screen. A unit can have a PA no less than 1 and no greater than 99. However, the Bravery stat is also used to determine the power of physical attacks.

Final Fantasy Tactics AdvanceEdit

In Final Fantasy Tactics Advance it is called Weapon Attack.

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Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the RiftEdit

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Final Fantasy AdventureEdit

Power is the attack power of Sumo, which makes it easier to defeat enemies. Power maxes out at 99 and even if Sumo is under the maximum level and still continues to increase Power, it will never increase beyond 99.

The Final Fantasy LegendEdit

Strength is shorten to Str in the game. The higher the number, the greater the character's strength will be. The screen only displays a maximum of 99 strength, however, they may have up to 255 strength.

Final Fantasy Legend IIEdit

Strength is abbreviated to Str in the game. The higher the value, the more damage will inflict on enemies. The majority of the weapons use the Str stat, but some uses the Mana or Agl stat for its damage formula. This stat impacts damage dealt with heavy swords, axes, whips, and other strength-based weaponry.

Humans and mutants can randomly gain Str after a battle in which they use certain strength-based weapons, although this growth is rare with mutants. Str growth caps at 99, however, it can go over 99 by equipping armor such as the Giant Equipment.

Final Fantasy DimensionsEdit

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Theatrhythm Final FantasyEdit

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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain CallEdit

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