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Strago Magus
SpritesStrago Magus menuFFVI Strago Magus Menu iOS
Strago Magus small
FF6 Strago Sprite iOS
Japanese nameStragus Magus
RōmajiSutoragosu Magosu
JobBlue Mage
Desperation AttackSabre Soul
BirthdayJune 13[1]
Height151 cm[1] (5' 0")
Weight43 kg[1] (94 lbs.)
Blood TypeO[1]
TreasureCollection of Monster Costumes
Ultimate WeaponStardust Rod
Final Fantasy VI Character
An elderly gentleman, pure of heart, and learned in the ways of monsters...
—SNES description
An elderly gentleman who has spent his whole life pursuing the secrets of monsters...
—GBA description

Strago Magus is a playable character in Final Fantasy VI. He is from the remote town of Thamasa, and lives with his adoptive granddaughter, Relm Arrowny. He is a Blue Mage, and is a Mage, one of the descendants of the humans who fought during the War of the Magi.



VI-strago sd

Strago is a small, elderly man who wears loose fitting clothes and a bright, red cape. His white hair is styled in mohawk, and he has large bushy eyebrows, a white mustache and beard.


Strago is overprotective of Relm, not letting her join the party when she asks to. Undeterred by his old age, Strago is energetic and spirited, although clumsy and prone to make mistakes, which Relm scolds him for.


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Strago grew up in Thamasa with his friend Gungho and together they would unsuccessfully hunt the beast Hidon. He was overprotective of Relm, whom some townspeople believe to be his adopted granddaughter, although it is never confirmed either way.


Strago in Thamasa.

When Terra Branford, Locke Cole, and Shadow visit Thamasa and ask Strago about the espers, Strago denies their existence, but invites them to stay at the inn for a low price of 1 gil. During the night Relm is caught in a burning building and Strago futilely uses Ice spells to put the fire out. The Mayor of Thamasa says that magic is forbidden and Strago asks Terra and Locke to help him. The three enter the burning building and rescue Relm, but are cornered by flames and Shadow and Interceptor save them.

Afterward, Strago explains his magical abilities to Terra and Locke, and agrees to help them find the espers. Relm wants to accompany them but Strago does not let her. She follows anyway, and catches up with them during their fight with Ultros. Together they find the espers and Terra convinces them to negotiate peace with General Leo and the Gestahlian Empire. The peace treaty is a trap set up so Kefka Palazzo could harvest more magicite and Strago and Relm join the others in the fight against him.

FFVI Strago Joins

Strago joins.

One year after the end of the world Strago joins the Cult of Kefka with the belief Relm has perished, but upon reuniting with her snaps back to his senses. Together, they return to Thamasa to find the injured Gungho who claims to have found Hidon. Strago goes to fight it one last time, and defeats it leading to a celebration with Gungho.

In the ending, Strago and Relm have several arguments as they escape Kefka's Tower.


FF6 iOS Strago Sprites

Strago is a Blue Mage, learning spells from enemies. He has low Strength, the lowest Defense, and Speed of the party, but good Magic Power and MP. His equipment draw is limited to daggers, rods, Maces, universal shields, and mage robes. Strago shares a unique subset of equipment with Relm called "creature suits". Strago's ability is Lore, which allows him to use magical attacks learned from enemies. Strago's Desperation Attack is Sabre Soul that instantly kills an enemy that is not immune to Death.

When Strago "sees" an enemy use certain attacks, he can learn it as a Lore; he will learn it at the end of the battle, unless he was afflicted with Blind, Petrify, Zombie, Sleep, Confuse, Stop, Freeze, or Rage at the time the Lore was used. Strago may then use the attack at the cost of MP. Strago can also learn Lores used by Gau or Gogo during a Rage.


Name Initial Stats
Strength 28
Speed 25
Stamina 19
Magic 34
Attack 10
Defense 33
Evasion 6%
Magic Defense 27
Magic Evasion 7%
Escape Success 3
HP Gain 35
MP Gain 13
Level Averaging +2

Equipment ListsEdit


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Daggers Rods Maces Universal


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Shields Helmets Body Armor

Creation and DevelopmentEdit


During development, Strago had a 65-year-old wife named Lara. They had amusing arguments with each other claiming the other will die first, but she was cut from the game.[2] In the game's original strategy guide, Strago and Relm are said to fight with stuffed toys. This might be another idea that was tossed around during development, but in the end was never implemented. The idea wasn't used until Final Fantasy X where Lulu uses stuffed toys as weapons.

Shadow and Relm's relationship as father and daughter was officially confirmed in developers' interviews in 1995. The developers initially considered having a scene in a bar (presumably in Thamasa) where Strago asks Shadow to reveal his identity. The dialogue was supposed to be as follows:

Strago: I have one request... Show me your face. Even if you are him, I have no intention of wasting time trying to talk you into staying. I just want to know... for Relm's sake...
Shadow: ...... (He takes off his mask and shows Strago his face. However, his back is turned so that the player can't see.)
Strago: Thank you... Shadow. ...Come, let's have a drink.[2]

Musical ThemesEdit

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Strago's theme is named after him, and is the main theme played in the town of Thamasa. The theme is mixed into the ending.

A piano version of Strago's theme is included on the Piano Collections: Final Fantasy VI album.

Other AppearancesEdit

Final Fantasy ArtniksEdit

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Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

Strago appears in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game with water-elemental cards.

Non-Final Fantasy AppearancesEdit

Secret of EvermoreEdit


Strago and company in Secret of Evermore.

In Secret of Evermore, Strago appears among the crowd of spectators that includes other Final Fantasy VI characters at the gladiator battle of Antiqua. He appears alongside Terra, Locke, Mog, Relm, and Umaro.



"Strago" may be related to the Italian word for "wizard", stregone.

Strago's name was originally romanized as Stragus in the original Japanese instruction manual and the game's ending, and likely would have been this in English if not for the game's six-letter name limit. (The katakana form, ストラゴス, is only five characters long and did not reach the six-character name limit.) The name has also been variously rendered as Straggus or Stragos.[3] It may actually derive from Ancient Greek στραγγός, strangós, which means "twisted", alluding to Strago's highly eccentric personality. Ancient Greek did not have a true gg sound, and two consecutive gammas (γγ) were always used to render a ng sound instead; as such, στραγγός may have been misread as straggós. (More confusingly, in modern Greek, γγ is romanized ng but often pronounced simply ɡ especially in the modern dialect of Athens, while γ alone is romanized g and pronounced ɣ instead. But the modern Greek meaning of στραγγός has changed since ancient times; it now means "drained".)

[view  · edit  · purge]Magus is the Latin word for "wizard". Its plural is Magi. The Japanese katakana form マゴス, Magosu, alludes to Ancient Greek Μάγος, Mágos, from which the Latin form Magus originally derived. The word is not native to Greek either; it is ultimately of obscure ancient Iranian origin.

If an Ancient Greek origin of both Strago and Magus holds true, then Strago Magus can be rendered in Ancient Greek as Στραγγὸς Μάγος, which literally means "Twisted Wizard".



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