The story of Final Fantasy XV follows Prince Noctis and his friends as he embarks on a journey to reclaim his kingdom that has been invaded by the empire of Niflheim. He discovers he is on a quest to combat the powers of darkness with the powers of light only the Lucian lineage of kings can wield.

The prologue to the game is told in Final Fantasy XV Prologue Parting Ways. The movie Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV and the anime series Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV happen concurrently with Final Fantasy XV.


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Insomnia's Waking Nightmare Edit

In a time unknown, only a prophecy keeps hope alive in people's hearts: "When darkness veils the world, the King of Light shall come." Now, four brave warriors begin their journey, prepared to fight. What awaits the four, however, they do not know.
—Beginning of Final Fantasy XV

A demonic figure in the ruins of a city.

In the city of Insomnia, a young king and his comrades are struggling to fell a mysterious being which has brought ruin to the city, and overwhelms the group with its fiery attacks. After shielding themselves from its barrage of flames, the group readies their next attack and charge forward...

In the present, Noctis Lucis Caelum, is given the blessing of his father King Regis of his safe trip to Altissia. As they leave, Regis tells Noctis's retinue—Gladiolus Amicitia, Ignis Scientia, and Prompto Argentum—to always stay beside his son on his journey. Regis reminds Noctis to be well-mannered to his fiancée Lunafreya Nox Fleuret. As a final sendoff, Regis tells Noctis that once he leaves, he cannot return, and that the line of Lucis flows through his blood. Though Noctis playfully dismisses this, Regis tells his son to walk tall.

Chapter 1 - Departure Edit

Prince Noctis Lucis Caelum sets forth from his homeland with his three-man retinue in tow. His destination, Altissia, capital of Accordo, where he will formalize the union of states through his marriage to Lady Lunafreya of the imperial province of Tenebrae.

The group is on its way to Altissia for Noctis to marry his estranged childhood friend Lady Lunafreya in a political union. Noctis's kingdom Lucis, to which he is the heir apparent, has been at war with the empire of Niflheim for a long time. His marriage to Lunafreya is one of the terms of the peace-treaty that is soon to be signed.


The party takes the car to Hammerhead and meet Cid.

King Regis's car they are using, the Regalia, breaks down in the middle of the Leide region. After failed attempts in calling for help, they push the car to the nearest service station: Hammerhead. They meet mechanic Cindy Aurum and her grandfather Cid Sophiar, who is acquainted with Noctis's father and calls him "Reggie".

After the car is repaired, the group heads toward Galdin Quay from where they plan to take a ferry to Altissia. Midway, they stop at Longwythe Rest Area where Noctis finds Umbra, one of Lunafreya's dogs, carrying a notebook with sylleblossoms, the blue flowers native to Lunafreya's homeland of Tenebrae. Noctis writes a message back to Lunafreya, and Umbra returns to her with it. Even if Lunafreya and Noctis have not seen each other in person since childhood, they have kept in secret correspondence over the years, and both are eager to be reunited.

In Galdin Quay they meet a suspicious stranger who informs them that the boats haven't arrived yet. He alludes to the impending attacks in Lucis before departing. A reporter named Dino reveals the next boats won't arrive until the next day, and the group stays the night at the hotel. The next morning, Noctis is shocked to learn that Niflheim has attacked Insomnia, and King Regis, Prince Noctis and Lady Lunafreya have all been announced to have perished. Noctis decides to return to the city.

FFXV Airships

Noctis talks to Cor as imperial airships soar overhead.

The border has been barred off by the imperial military. On a hill overlooking Insomnia, Noctis calls Marshal Cor Leonis of the Crownsguard, a loyal follower to the king, who confirms that Regis died in the invasion. Cor tells Noctis to meet him at Hammerhead.

Chapter 2 - No Turning Back Edit

In a single night, the promise of peace has been broken, the Crown City along with it. Putting their home behind them, the four friends set forth to find answers in Hammerhead.

When the group returns to Hammerhead, they learn that the Niflheim's peace talks with the crown city were merely a ruse to acquire the city's Crystal and the Ring of the Lucii, a royal heirloom only wielded by the king. Cid knew that Regis would give his life for the cause and leaves them a message from Cor, telling them to meet him in the Tomb of the Wise in Keycatrich Ruins.

Getting King's Weapon FFXV

Noctis inherits a weapon of his forebears.

They seek Cor out at the tomb, who tells Noctis that as king, he must inherit the souls of past kings that inhabit one of many tombs of Eos to gain the power he needs to reclaim the throne. The power of kings originates from the Crystal, a magical stone that emanates the power of light. In ancient times the Crystal is said to have been given to the kings' protection along with the Ring whose wielder gains the power of past Lucian kings, and thus each generation grows stronger. Using the ring drains the wielder's own life-force, and Regis's fate had been to age prematurely as he had used the Ring to uphold the Wall around Insomnia.

Noctis is upset his father had lied to him about the true reason he had been sent away from Insomnia, and angers over the burden he must inherit. Cor tells him that Regis wanted Noctis to remember him not as a king, but as a father, and that he believed in his son to protect his people. After Noctis is granted the power of a royal arms at the tomb, Cor leads the group to the next nearest tomb, and tells Noctis there are thirteen souls scattered across Eos, though only a few are known. The royal arms are weapons of Noctis's forebears that only he can wield. Due to his birthright as the Crystal's protector, Noctis can summon weapons to his hand from thin air, and those accompanying him can partake on his magic as well. To wield the full powers of his forebears Noctis would need the Ring of the Lucii, which is now being held by Lunafreya, to whom the king had entrusted it before his death.


Cor at the Niflheim base.

Heading for Keycatrich Trench, Cor directs the them to the entrance, and gives them a key to unlock their way through. Cor leaves to see what the Niflheim forces are doing nearby. After acquiring another royal arm, Cor informs Noctis that the empire is blocking all travel to the Duscae region. Rendezvousing with the group, Cor helps them take out the army within the Norduscaen Blockade, and defeat Loqi of the Niflheim military. Afterwards, Cor departs, confident that the future king can reclaim his throne. Noctis is doubtful of his duty, but is relieved and reassured of the friends that travel with him, and they continue their journey.

Chapter 3 - The Open World Edit

The empire is a powerful foe, and Noctis has far to travel before he can hope to reclaim the Crystal. He sets out across new lands.
Iris Amicitia XV

Iris Amicitia.

The group reaches the Duscae region and heads towards Lestallum to meet Gladiolus's younger sister Iris Amicitia. Along their way they have a chance to visit the Disc of Cauthess, an ancient crater where a meteorite is said to have fallen eons ago. Legends tell of the Astral god Titan still holding up the meteorite on its back. Astrals, also known as the Six, are legendary beings the people of Eos view as gods, but no one has seen one for a long time. When the group tries to visit the crater, they find the area blockaded by Niflheim.

The group seeks Iris out at Lestallum. Iris had been in Insomnia when Niflheim attacked, but she escaped with help from the Amicitia family butler Jared Hester and has taken refugee in Lestallum with him. Iris tells the group that Lunafreya made it out of Insomnia safely, and had visited them recently. Noctis experiences a headache-inducing vision of the Disc of Cauthess, and decides to take a rest. The next day Iris takes Noctis to see the local sights, but the mysterious headaches continue.


Ardyn in Lestallum.

Jared's grandson Talcott tells them of a legend of an ancient sword lying behind a waterfall. Suspecting it to be a lost tomb, the group investigates and Noctis acquires another royal arm. Returning to Lestallum, the group decides to investigate the Disc of Cauthess. On the Lestallum outlook they encounter the stranger they had run into in Galdin Quay, who introduces himself as "Ardyn". Ardyn informs them through poetry that the Astral Titan is calling to Noctis, and until he heeds the call he suffers severe headaches as a result. He claims to be able to can take them to the Disc. The four decide to take Ardyn's word, but be cautious of the offer.

Chapter 4 - Living Legend Edit

As the land is rocked by tremors; Noctis is wracked with headaches. The self-styled 'Man of No Consequence' advises the would be King to go and heed the Archaean's call. Though loath to believe a suspicious stranger, the four friends nevertheless find themselves with no recourse but to follow Ardyn to the Disc of Cauthess, where Titan is said to slumber.

Titan the Archaean is an Astral god said to have caught the meteorite that fell to Eos and to still be holding up its active remains at the center of the impact site. This tale has become a legend, and the tremors that sometimes emanate from the Disc of Cauthess are said to be the work of Titan himself. The shards of the ancient meteorite still glow and parts near Lestallum are used by its energy plant for producing electricity. Legends say that the Astrals forge covenants with the kings of Lucis.

Ardyn opens the imperial gates to let Noctis's party into the Disc of Cauthess, but will not accompany them. Noctis comes face-to-face with the Archaean Titan that rises from underneath the glowing meteorite. Noctis cannot understand what Titan wants until he has a vision of Lady Lunafreya communing with the Astral, realizing that she wants to rouse the Six to help Noctis's cause. Titan's awakening sends tremors in the region and Noctis and his bodyguard Gladiolus are separated from the rest of the party as they fall into the pit under the meteorite that is burning hot.


Titan forges a covenant with Noctis.

Noctis and Gladiolus make their way to Titan through the burning rock. Gladiolus protects Noctis and grows frustrated, asking the latter to reaffirm his conviction to be the king of Lucis. Niflheim arrives to the site and attacks Titan, and Noctis and his party are caught in the crossfire. Titan engages Noctis who must parry the giant's attacks until his friends arrive to blast Titan's arm off with blizzard spells. Forging a covenant with Noctis, Titan disappears from the Disc. As the crater crumbles around the party, Ardyn appears and reveals himself to be the chancellor of the Niflheim Empire, before offering them safe passage on his airship. Though unsure why an enemy official is helping him, Noctis accepts the offer. During the chaos the party loses their car, the Regalia.

News spread that the tremors at the Disc of Cauthess have died down, but that Titan has disappeared. Many worry for what the awakening of the Astrals means for the world.

Chapter 5 - Dark Clouds Edit

As Cauthess crumbles, the imperial chancellor swoops in to usher the four friends to safety, but their reprieve is only temporary, as Duscae's skies tell of trouble on the horizon. With the Regalia missing and the roads closed, the find themselves stranded.

The empire closes off the Duscae region and roadblocks are erected to all major roads. Regalia has gone missing. Cindy is looking for it, though the party assumes it was taken by Niflheim. Noctis receives a message from Lunafreya via Umbra, in which she lends her support for Noctis's mission. She is seeking to rouse the Six to help him, and Noctis decides to follow with the plan, emboldened by the idea that the gods themselves are on his side.

FFXV TGS Young Noctis and Gentiana

Noctis meeting Gentiana as a child.

Duscae is trapped in a perpetual storm as Ramuh is calling for Noctis to forge a covenant with him. Noctis reminisces of the time he spent with Lunafreya when he was eight years old and learned about the Crystal and his mission from her, although he didn't understand what was asked of him then. Lunafreya had told him that the Crystal's calling is to crown the King of Light who will save the world, and Noctis had promised to do it. Gentiana's voice guides him through Ramuh's trials, the Messenger of the gods whose job is to impart the deities' message to mankind. Gentiana is usually with Lunafreya, but her following of Noctis is made apparent when a ghostly image of her begins to appear in the background of photos taken by Prompto.

After Noctis passes Ramuh's trial, the storm clears and he gains the means to summon the Astral. They receive word from Cindy that the Regalia has been taken to Aracheole Stronghold, a nearby imperial base. The party decides to infiltrate the base to retrieve the Regalia, as the empire has been unable to move it due to the storm.

FFXV TGS ravus with patry

The party is confronted by Ravus.

They storm the base under the cover of night and find the Regalia, demolishing the troops stationed at the base by summoning Ramuh. As they try to leave with the Regalia they are accosted by Ravus Nox Fleuret, Lunafreya's elder brother. Ravus was the former prince of Tenebrae before it was annexed by the empire, but now works as the high commander of the imperial army; thus, Noctis considers him the enemy. Ravus claims Noctis is making a pact with the Astrals without understanding the true meaning of his actions. As Ravus overpowers Gladiolus and threatens Noctis, Ardyn intervenes and lets the party leave the base with the Regalia. As the party drives to Lestallum now that the road blocks have been lifted, they ponder why Lunafreya's brother is working with the empire, and what Ardyn's gambit for helping them out could be, Noctis loathing both. Ravus has an artificial arm, apparently having lost his limb during the battle in Insomnia, but regardless appears to wield superhuman strength.

In Lestallum they discover that Jared has been killed by Niflheim soldiers during their search for Noctis. Imperial airships patrol the skies of Lestallum and imperial flags have been erected around the city. Iris is determined to flee the town to the rural port of Caem. Even if the ships from Galdin Quay don't run due to an imperial blockade, Caem has a secret harbor they could use. Noctis is determined to continue on his journey, and overnight dreams of chasing Lunafreya's white dog Pryna through various terrors.

Chapter 6 - A Way Forward Edit

Beneath the Cape Caem Light in the south of Cleigne lies an underground harbor. It has long served the Lucian royalty, and even now, a vessel once owned by King Regis lies at anchor there. Following in his father's footsteps, Noctis heads for the ship.
Noctis VS Aranea Highwind

Aranea attacks Noctis.

Together with Iris, the party heads for Caem. Along the way, they spot another active imperial base, and decide to destroy its magitek generator to avenge Jared. Leaving Iris behind at Old Lestallum, the party makes its way to the base, where they shadow the base commander responsible for killing Jared. They take him captive, but he escapes while Noctis and his friends are laying waste to the troops stationed at the base. Noctis is attacked by the Imperial Commodore Aranea Highwind, but she leaves, stating she doesn't work overtime without pay. The next morning news of the raid have spread to the local area and Noctis and his friends continue to Caem.

Iris decides to stay at an old house at Caem with Talcott. A memorial is erected for Jared, and Cindy and Cid have come over to repair King Regis's boat kept at the secret harbor Noctis hopes to use to escape the continent.

Chapter 7 - Party of Three Edit

To repair King Regis's old ship, Noctis and company require that rarest of ores—mythril. With only a vague clue to guide them, they head for empire-held ruins situated in the north of Cleigne.

Cid needs mythril for the repairs. Following a tip from the late Jared via Talcott, the party heads to Vesperpool, a lake north of Cleigne. Gladiolus opts out without giving a reason, and so Noctis, Ignis and Prompto go without him.


Noctis fells a monster with Aranea's help while looking for mythril.

They find the blockades gone and wonder if they have been deliberately let through. They run into Ardyn, who explains that while he may be chancellor, he isn't in charge of the army. Tipping the party off to the mythril's location in nearby ruins, Ardyn departs. The party is accompanied to the ruins by Aranea Highwind who is increasingly skeptical of the empire's goals, as the imperials are hunting for daemons in the area.

Daemons are magical creatures of the dark that spawn during the darkest hours of the day. Insomnia had always been safe from them due to the light of the Crystal, but the daemons are growing fiercer and more numerous. Aranea explains the empire is hunting for daemons that to be used to make magitek troops. She thinks of leaving the army and going back to being a mercenary.

They recover the mythril from the depths of the ruins and hitch a ride back to Lestallum on an imperial airship with Aranea's aid. She wishes Noctis well, advising him to choose his own path in life.

Episode GladiolusEdit

Having been overpowered by Ravus at Aracheole Stronghold, Gladiolus worries that he is not strong enough to protect Noctis. While the rest of the party searches for mythril to repair the boat, Gladiolus leaves to train and prove that he is worthy of protecting the Chosen King.


Gladiolus and Cor at the ruins.

Thirty years ago ancient ruins were discovered in Lucis. In their deepest recesses awaits the Blademaster, Gilgamesh, who once held Gladiolus's role as Shield of the Founder King, and his soul has remained to challenge those who seek him for 2,000 years. Many attempts had been made to explore the ruins, but every expedition ended in failure and the deaths of everyone involved except for one man: Cor Leonis, earning him his title of Immortal. Gladiolus meets with Cor and tells him that he wishes to undertake the trial of Gilgamesh. Cor supports Gladiolus through the ruins but the former must take on the trials alone.

Gladiolus faces off against Gilgamesh and emerges victorious. Gilgamesh recognizes Gladiolus as being worthy of being the Shield of the True King after seeing Gladiolus's only fear is that he should be too weak to protect Noctis. Gilgamesh reveals he had lost his arm to Cor, and yields Cor's katana, the Genji Blade, to Gladiolus. Gladiolus and Cor leave the ruins with Gladiolus indirectly passing on the praise Gilgamesh had said about Cor. Gladiolus returns to the others and shows off his battle spoils at the campsite.

Chapter 8 - Seaworthy Edit

With the help of Imperial Commodore Aranea Highwind, the makeshift miners hit pay dirt—only to learn raw ore won't suffice. Cindy refers them to Holly, an engineer in Lestallum who knows how to treat Mythril.

Iris and Talcott wave Noctis's party goodbye.

Cindy's friend Holly can treat the mythril for their use, but they find the Lestallum power plant swarming with daemons. Noctis helps expel them, rendezvousing with Gladiolus in the process. Though he doesn't explain where he has been, he has a fresh scar on his face. They decide to deliver the now usable mythril to Cid so they can depart for Altissia.

At Caem, Noctis gets a message from Lunafreya via Umbra. Cid reminds Noctis that his companions are more than just bodyguards, and that Noctis should always depend upon them as they depend upon him. Cor apologizes for having been unable to protect Regis, but Noctis doesn't blame him. As they set sail Talcott calls after him, asking him to come back soon as Lucis needs a king.

Chapter 9 - Callings Edit

Noctis receives a warm send-off as he sets sail for Altissia in high spirits. The prince goes forth ostensibly to seek the blessings of the Hydraean, which will enable him to challenge the empire's might, but his true heart's desire is to find Lunafreya, his betrothed.

Noctis and his friends cross the Cygillan Ocean with the royal vessel to Altissia. During the trip they discuss Ravus being the high commander of the imperial army, and him holding King Regis's sword, although he cannot brandish it as he is not of the Lucian line. Noctis feels ambivalent, but believes he'll be able to reclaim the sword from Ravus.

Noctis hopes to make a covenant with Leviathan, the Hydraean, an Astral goddess. Lunafreya is being sheltered by the Altissian government, which has some autonomy, but the empire is demanding for them to release her to them. Noctis discusses the matter with Altissia's first secretary and gains her alliance. While in Altissia the group has a chance to see Lunafreya's wedding dress which she was to wear to wed Noctis.


Lunafreya uses her powers as the Oracle to heal a man.

Lunafreya is an Oracle charged with maintaining the stability of Eos by cleansing the world and communing with its gods. Oracles inherit their abilities through their family bloodline, and they use them to halt the Starscourge, a plague on the world than lengthens nights. Legend has it the Astral Bahamut descended from the stars and picked the first Oracle from the land of Tenebrae. He bestowed the Oracle's powers upon her and gave her his trident. As the youngest Oracle in history, Lunafreya is highly revered and people travel long distances to be seen by her, as she has he power to heal the plagues of darkness.

Lunafreya makes her first public appearance after the invasion of Insomnia by addressing the masses. Noctis is among the audience when she reveals she is going to awaken the sea goddess, and though the powers of the dark are encroaching upon the world, she is sworn to fight their influence. As Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto are helping evacuate the citizens, Lunafreya begins to communicate with Leviathan to have her give her power to the rightful king, Noctis. Leviathan refuses, and imperials under Ardyn's command arrive to destroy Leviathan.


Lunafreya passes on the Ring as her spirit departs.

Leviathan destroys the imperials while Ardyn makes his way to Lunafreya and stabs her. Noctis is powerless to help her, as he is amid the chaos of the rampaging Leviathan. With her last strength, Lunafreya invokes the souls of past kings to empower Noctis, so he can fight Leviathan, as only by defeating her will she accept the covenant. Noctis defeats her with the help of Titan and passes out. A dying Lunafreya crawls over to him and heals him. Noctis meets her in a dream vision where she passes the Ring of the Lucii to him before her spirit departs from the world. Noctis awakens several days later to discover Lunafreya has died and that Ignis was wounded during the evacuation and lost his eyesight.

Episode IgnisEdit


Altissia in chaos.

As the city of Altissia is being devastated by the rampaging Leviathan, Ignis worries for the safety of Prince Noctis. Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto are on evacuation duty, but Ignis becomes separated from the others. He makes his way toward the Altar of the Tidemother. but is pursued by Brigadier General Caligo Ulldor, and defeats his MA. Afterward he teams up with Ravus who has given up his allegiance to the empire, but only teams up with Ignis as a means to get to Lunafreya, emphasizing this doesn't mean he supports Noctis's bid for the throne of the True King.

Once they get to the altar, Ignis finds Lunafreya's dog Pryna dying. Pryna is a Messenger of the gods who delivers a vision of Noctis fulfilling the prophecy of the True King to Ignis, who learns Noctis must die to save the world.

Ignis and Ravus find Noctis unconscious and Lunafreya dying. Ravus flies into a rage, blaming Noctis for his sister's death, but Ignis quells him. Ravus mourns how Lunafreya never got to live a normal life, and how even in death her spirit will not rest until the prophecy is fulfilled. Ardyn disguised as Gladiolus arrives, but Ravus blows his cover and protects Noctis and Ignis from him. The Ring of the Lucii falls from Noctis's unconscious grasp, and Ignis takes it.


Ignis loses his vision.

After Ardyn blasts Ravus away with his magic, he asks Ignis to either join him or be killed. If Ignis refuses to join Ardyn, he puts on the Ring of the Lucii and unexpectedly and temporarily gains the power of kings, but at the cost of his vision. Ignis defeats Ardyn, gains Ravus's respect, and his eyesight is permanently damaged.

When Noctis awakes days after his battle with Leviathan, he finds Ignis watching over him. Knowing Noctis's fate from the vision he had seen, Ignis asks Noctis to stop the journey. Noctis refuses, saying giving up would make all the sacrifices others had made for him meaningless. Ignis accepts Noctis's answer, and promises to always support him.

Chapter 10 - The Heart of a King Edit

Across the water and onto the rails, the royal retinue makes for Gralea, the imperial capital. Their objective; reclaiming the Crystal, that they might reclaim their homeland. However, the ring's weight proves too much for Noctis to bear.
FFXV TGS Noctis and Gladio argue

Gladiolus and Noctis argue in the train.

Several weeks later, Noctis's group travels on a train towards Gralea, the capital of Niflheim where the Crystal is said to have been taken. Lunafreya's death has hit Noctis hard, and he refuses to wield the Ring of the Lucii now in his possession. This angers Gladiolus, who deems Noctis's inability to deal with the grief as a sign he is not ready for the task they have at hand. He is also concerned about Ignis's condition: although his wounds have healed, his eyesight hasn't returned.

The train makes a stop at an abandoned mining town, where Cor claims one of the royal tombs lies. The group finds the weapon, and afterward Ignis speaks up to heal the rift that has formed between Noctis and Gladiolus. Noctis's resolve is restored, and he decides to continue onward and stop at Tenebrae along the way. Ignis is determined to continue with them despite his disability.

While on the train, Noctis talks with Ignis, who theorizes about the longer nights. For some time now, days have been getting shorter and the nights longer, which also means more daemons. After Lunafreya's death the situation has worsened, and daylight is disappearing from the world. They believe the Crystal has the power to fight the darkness as it had always protected Insomnia from daemons.

Chapter 11 - In the Dark Edit

Ignis's resolve forces a reconcilation between Noctis and Gladiolus and restores harmony to the group. With renewed vigor, the four friends reboard the train and head for Tenebrae, home of the late Lady Lunafreya.

"Ardyn" about to shoot "Prompto".

The train is attacked by the imperial army in Eusciello. Ardyn—having infiltrated the train—seemingly taunts Noctis, who is unable to attack him as he disappears every time he is close to striking. Noctis and Prompto defend the train from the imperial forces while Gladiolus and Ignis get the train running again. As Noctis and Prompto board the train after fending off an imperial aerial assault, Noctis spots Ardyn holding Prompto at gunpoint. Noctis charges in and shoves Ardyn, but to his horror sees Prompto falling off the train instead; Ardyn had used his powers to switch appearances with Prompto. Gloating over his deception, Ardyn knocks Noctis out and departs.

Chapter 12 - End of Days Edit

Ardyn uses a stitch in time to switch appearances with Prompto, and tricks Noct into hurting his closest friend. Nevertheless, a king pushes ever onward, accepting the consequences, and never looking back.

They are unable to stop the train to look for Prompto, and assume he has been captured by the imperials. They stop at Tenebrae and find the Fleuret manor aflame as revenge by the empire; Ravus has been executed for high treason, being blamed for the Leviathan incident, and thus the bloodline of the Oracles has ended. Without Lunafreya holding back the darkness, sunlight has almost vanished from the world and daemons are now spawning even during the daylight hours. As they speculate that the Crystal has the power to repel the daemons, Noctis is even more desperate to seek it out.

Aranea has quit the army and is helping the victims of the empire's attacks with Biggs and Wedge, her subordinates. As the passage to imperial territory is dangerous, Noctis, Gladiolus and Ignis decide to head to Gralea without the other passengers with Biggs and Wedge operating the train. While in Tenebrae, Noctis learns Ravus had always been on Lunafreya's side even though he had been affiliated with the empire. Ravus had been skeptical of Noctis, doubting his status as the True King. Ravus had demanded Lunafreya to stop helping Noctis at the cost of her own health, as facilitating the covenants with Noctis was slowly killing her. However, Lunafreya had been determined to continue even if she had doubted her strength and asked for Ravus to pass on the Ring of the Lucii to Noctis. Ravus had told her to be strong and that passing on the Ring was her duty. Noctis learns Lunafreya had been looking forward to their marriage.

FINAL FANTASY XV Gentiana on train

Noctis forges a covenant with Shiva.

They continue to pass though Ghorovas Rift covered in a blizzard. As daemons spawn to halt the train at Shiva's corpse, Noctis meets Ardyn again. Noctis demands to know what Ardyn's gambit is, but the latter is frozen by Gentiana who reveals her true identity as the Astral goddess Shiva. Noctis forges a covenant with her, and learns Ardyn is immortal and all their attacks on him are ineffective. Noctis ponders what Ardyn's true nature is, as he appears to draw power from the darkness itself.

Shiva bequeaths the Trident of the Oracle to Noctis and tells him about the War of the Astrals and Ifrit and Solheim's downfall. She conveys the message of Lunafreya's love to Noctis who vows they will be together one day. The party continues onward to Gralea with the knowledge that Prompto is held captive there along with the Crystal.

Episode PromptoEdit

Several days after falling off the train, Prompto traverses the snowfields of the Niflheim outlands alone. He succumbs to the cold and is found by magitek troopers, who bring him to a local magitek research facility. He meets Ardyn who gives Prompto back his handgun and urges him to meet with his father, telling him he was born here. Prompto initially refuses to believe it, and sets out to escape the facility. He finds various firearms around the complex and uses them to destroy the MTs swarming around the place. By reading the research notes and listening to audio logs from Verstael Besithia, the leading imperial magitek researcher, he learns how the empire produces MTs from daemonified human clones. As he finds dormant clones in their tubes, he finds they look like him, and have the same bar code tattooed on their wrists Prompto himself has.


Prompto kills Verstael.

Prompto confronts Verstael at the facility, who is turning into a daemon. Ardyn mockingly describes it as a "heartfelt father-son-reunion", as Verstael uses his own genetic material to create the clones to have enough infants for an army. Verstael is afflicted by the Starscourge and believes daemons are the superior life form that he can enhance even further with his magiteknology. He is seeking to fuse his own soul to a magitek creature he has created, which he refers to as his greatest weapon. As Verstael tries to inflict Prompto with the Starscourge, Prompto shoots him at point-blank range, killing him.

Aranea has infiltrated the magitek production facility to find the truth behind Verstael's magitek project. She gives Prompto a snowmobile to escape the facility. Prompto rides until he is clear of imperial pursuit and camps out by a thawed lake. Aranea joins him later and urges him to return to his friends, but Prompto hesitates because of what he has just learned: he is a clone to be made into a magitek trooper before being kidnapped by Lucis and raised in the Crown City. He doesn't think Noctis and the others would accept him. Aranea insists his origins don't matter, and that Prompto must decide what he wants out of life for himself, before leaving.


Prompto remembers Lunafreya's Messenger dog from when he was a child.

The next day Prompto explores the wilderness alone and finds MTs lying in the snow and is briefly trapped in illusions of himself as an MT being hunted by Noctis. He remembers being young and living in Lucis with a secret, hiding the weird tattoo on him, never having friends. He had befriended Lady Lunafreya through her messenger dog, Pryna. She had sent him a letter asking him to be friends with Noctis and support him. He realizes what Aranea said about deciding his own path in life was true and meets up with her again to help her take down Verstael's newest monsters. Together they infiltrate another magitek facility and destroy Barbarus, Verstael's experiment to fuse magitek with a mammal, and Immortalis, a colossal magitek monster that now houses Verstael's soul. Afterward Prompto heads to Gralea to meet up with Noctis and the others to tell them the truth about himself.

However, Prompto is captured and imprisoned in Zegnautus Keep so Ardyn can lure and torment Noctis.

Chapter 13 - Redemption Edit

Having stolen Noctis's country, Crystal, and cherished companions, Ardyn waits implacably in Gralea.
FFXV Afrojack Trailer Regalia

The Regalia is destroyed.

Noctis, Ignis and Gladiolus enter Gralea by train but fall under attack and have to abandon the train with the belief that Biggs and Wedge can look after themselves. Noctis drives the Regalia into the city, but the car is destroyed and he becomes separated from his friends (from which beginning Chapter 13 Verse 2 from the perspective of Gladiolus begins). He continues alone but finds he cannot summon his weapons to his side as his powers have been sealed. With Ardyn's taunting voice in his ears, Noctis decides to wield the Ring of the Lucii and blasts the daemons and magitek troops that spawn around him with magic.

The imperial city is devoid of human life and swarming with daemons. The magitek troops at the lab the Crystal is said to be kept in have gone rogue. Noctis discovers the empire has been manufacturing daemons, that magitek troops are made out of their experiments with daemons and clones at the lab, and that a "vanishing disease" has ravaged the empire that has its citizens turn into daemons the empire cannot control. Noctis finds Ravus dead and recovers his father's sword. Letters Ravus had sent to Lunafreya are scattered about his body, and through them Noctis learns Ravus had always supported her despite disagreeing with her conviction to help Noctis become the king. Ravus had helped Lunafreya flee Lucis, and had promised to safekeep Regis's sword for Noctis should he prove his worth by obtaining Leviathan's blessing.


Gladiolus and Ignis.

Meanwhile, Gladiolus and Ignis stay together and try to find Noctis and Prompto. Ardyn returns them their weapons before directing them to Zegnautus Keep. They find security footage of Ravus confronting Emperor Aldercapt, declaring that Noctis is the True King and the rightful bearer of the Ring of the Lucii. The emperor summons daemons to expel Ravus from the throne room, injuring him. The footage shows Ardyn disguised as Noctis approaching Ravus, who tries to bequeath the Sword of the Father to him. Ardyn kills Ravus with his dagger, and scatters his letters about his body for Noctis to find. Gladiolus and Ignis continue to follow Ardyn's directions through the Keep, and encounter a Foras, a daemon that can speak and who thirsts for the Crystal. After it disappears, Gladiolus and Ignis find a control panel that unlocks the seal on the Crystal. They catch up with Noctis before the latter is killed by a trap.

Noctis, Gladiolus and Ignis find Prompto who had been brought to the lab by Ardyn. After discovering Prompto was born at the lab to be made an MT, they can use him to open the sealed areas of the lab. They find the emperor's throne room with his robes left on the seat, as he has also vanished and become a daemon. After turning off the device that seals his powers, they are attacked by a daemonic Ravus who begs them to kill him. After killing Ravus Noctis and his friends are ambushed by a horde of daemons and his friends urge him to go to the Crystal alone to use it to banish the daemons.

Ffxv crystal

Noctis finds the Crystal.

Noctis leaves his friends behind with a heavy heart and makes it to the Crystal. He is absorbed inside it while being taunted by Ardyn who reveals his true name as Ardyn Lucis Caelum. Ardyn is Noctis's ancestor who was to become the Chosen King until he was rejected by the Crystal for his affinity with the darkness. Ardyn had been a healer similar to the work Lunafreya had done until recently, but the daemons had corrupted his soul. As the afterlife expels him, Ardyn will always return and thus has been plotting for generations for the demise of the Caelum family line and the Crystal. He explains to Noctis he would take scant satisfaction in killing Noctis as a mortal, and asks him to take the Crystal's power and become the True King.

The Crystal holds inside it the planet's soul. In this otherworldly dimension Noctis meets the Astral god Bahamut and is made aware of his destiny as the True King. The True King is born once all of the Crystal's power is passed onto the Ring of the Lucii. The True King can banish the darkness from the world at the cost of his own life.

Final Fantasy XV: ComradesEdit

As the long night begins the remaining Glaives—remnants of the royal guard who could wield King Regis's magic—migrate to Lestallum to lend their aid to protecting the world in wait for the coming of the True King. The light of the past kings of Lucis returned to the Glaives when Lunafreya unlocked the power of the royal tombs during Leviathan's Revelation, and they can once again wield magic. The Glaives help defend the people and Lestallum as mankind's final stronghold.


Bahamut confronts the Glaives.

Bahamut tests the Glaives' worthiness. After the Glaives prevail in a battle against him, Bahamut forgives their previous betrayal of the crown during the treaty-signing, when many Glaives had turned on Regis for having seemingly abandoned the outlands of Lucis. Gentiana explains Angelgard must be safeguarded for Noctis to eventually awaken from his long sleep inside the Crystal.

The Glaives return to Lucis to fight daemons and wait for the prophesied time. Eventually, each major outpost falls back as the daemons grow stronger. The sky turns red and giant daemons begin to circle the skies, as the world plunges further into darkness. Nearly a decade later when Noctis awakens, the Glaives witness his return, but Noctis returns to the abandoned Galdin Quay alone.

Chapter 14 - Homecoming Edit

Noctis leaves his prison to find himself on Angelgard. His father's ship is moored at shore, none the worse for wear. It now carries him back to Galdin Quay—back to his kingdom.
Noctis after 10 years

Noctis awakens.

Noctis awakens on a remote island, having absorbed the Crystal's powers. He meets Umbra who delivers him a message: his friends are waiting for him at Hammerhead. Noctis takes King Regis's ship back to Galdin Quay. The world is shrouded in darkness and Galdin Quay is in ruin and swarming with daemons. Noctis is picked up by an adult Talcott, and he discovers he has been gone for ten years. The sun has set permanently and the world is overtaken by the forces of the dark. Lestallum still draws power from the ancient meteorite crystal, and is the only place with light and thus where most people left live. Noctis's old friends have become daemon hunters, and Ignis has become used to being blind and no longer needs a cane to walk. They had been trained by Cor to one day accompany Noctis upon his return to reclaim his throne and return light to the world.

After a final meal at camp, the four friends enter the ruins of Insomnia to where Ardyn has taken the Crystal. They battle through the daemons that now inhabit it and find the Kingsglaive Base Camp where the remaining Glaives have their hope for the future renewed by Noctis's return. Noctis meets Cor, who now leads the Glaives, and speaks to Iris and Cindy over the phone. Ardyn summons meteorites to set the Crown City ablaze and cloaks the Citadel building with Wall magic of his own making, tainted with daemonic energy.

Noctis and his retinue fight their way to the Citadel, which they find guarded by Cerberus. After dispatching Ardyn's daemonic guard dog, Lunafreya's spirit appears to summon the Astrals to break the Wall around the Citadel building. At the steps of the Citadel, Ardyn ushers Ifrit to attack them. Ifrit is one the Six and is known as The Betrayer, for he loathes mankind and 2,000 years ago turned against Solheim, ready to annihilate the world itself. Ifrit was slain in the War of the Astrals that led to Solheim's downfall alongside the newly-appeared Starscourge plague, but he has been resurrected by Ardyn with the power of the scourge. The other Astrals answer to Noctis's call to fight Ifrit, until Shiva freezes him with her kiss, shattering his body.

FFXV Noctis and Ardyn Clash

Noctis fights Ardyn.

Inside the palace the party marvels at the paintings of the prophecy of the coming of the Chosen King. They meet the corrupted spirits of three kings of yore, and battle through their trials on their way to the throne room. The last of the Lucii, Ardyn's brother Somnus Lucis Caelum, asks for Noctis to free his brother from the thrall of darkness. Before entering, Noctis asks one of the photos Prompto had taken on their journey to take with him. Noctis finds Ardyn sitting on the throne below the Crystal with the bodies of his father, his betrothed, Emperor Aldercapt and a Kingsglaive member Nyx Ulric hanging from the ceiling. Ardyn incapacitates Noctis's friends, telling him the final battle is a battle between kings. The two duel both wielding the power of kings, but Noctis emerges victorious. As Ardyn dies, he tells Noctis to see him "on the other side". Noctis sends his friends away in the manner Regis had sent their group away ten years ago, telling them to "walk tall".

As daemons surround the palace Noctis sits on the throne and calls upon the past kings. As the spirit of Regis watches on, the past kings of Lucis attack Noctis one by one as he grips onto his father's sword. His soul departs and is taken by the Ring of the Lucii. Now wielding the full powers of the light, Noctis's departing spirit finds Ardyn in the limbo of afterlife and erases his soul with the help of the past Lucian kings, including Regis, and Lunafreya, and the memories of his friends. The Ring of the Lucii breaks, and with the prophecy fulfilled, the sun finally rises.

At their final camp site, Noctis had struggled expressing himself to his comrades who had always stayed by his side. He had made his peace with the sacrifice he would have to make, and thanked his friends with the words: "What can I guys are the best."

FFXV Luna Noctis Throne

Lunafreya and Noctis sleep on the throne.

Noctis and Lunafreya share the throne labeled "Noctis Lucis Caelum CXIV". She is wearing her wedding dress when Regis's voice pronounces them husband and wife. The two close their eyes as soul crystals glimmer in the air.

Chapter 15 - End of the Road Edit

Call Umbra and tour the world at your leisure. You might even find some new treasures buried right under your nose...

Beginning from a point outside the Citadel in Insomnia, Noctis can return to the past Lucis by calling Umbra. Cindy can upgrade the Regalia into the Regalia Type-F and Noctis can explore new dungeons and battle new monsters.

Alternate endingEdit

If Ignis decides to follow Ardyn after facing him in Altissia, the latter takes him to Zegnautus Keep where the empire has imprisoned the Crystal. Lunafreya's voice guides Ignis to the Crystal, telling him how only the True King fulfilling the prophecy can save the world.


Ardyn's daemonic form.

When Ignis finds the Crystal, he is apprehended by Ardyn, who reveals he lured Ignis there as bait for Noctis, whom he wants to inherit the Crystal's power. Ardyn reveals his true identity as Ardyn Lucis Caelum, who in ancient times was to become the king of Lucis, but considers the title stolen from him by his brother Somnus, the Founder King. His soul rendered immortal by the Starscourge that now inhabits his very soul, Ardyn has lived for two millennia, awaiting the time he can get his revenge on the Crystal that had discarded him. Ignis knows Noctis will die if Ardyn's plan succeeds, and declares that the world means nothing to him if it means losing his friend.

Ignis puts on the Ring of the Lucii and gains its power for the price of his own life. He defeats Ardyn who yet returns, as he is immortal. The dying Ignis is found by Noctis, Gladiolus and Prompto, who had been brought to the Keep by Ravus. Noctis grieves how incapable he is to protect those close to him, and asks for the Crystal's power to save Ignis. He takes the ring and walks into the Crystal, and while he sleeps in its core for ten years, the others return to Lucis. Ignis meets with their various friends and they scout the royal tombs while awaiting for Noctis's return.


Noctis reigns as king.

When Noctis returns him and his retinue head to Insomnia where Ravus bequeaths Noctis the Sword of the Father, and joins them in facing Ardyn in the throne room. They appear to have succeeded in killing Ardyn, as light returns to the world. Yet, Noctis doesn't die, continuing to rule Lucis from the Citadel where Ignis goes to see him. Whether this means the prophecy of the True King has been fulfilled, or if Ardyn's immortal soul still lingers and the Starscourge can yet return, is unknown. Final Fantasy XV: Official Works posits that Ignis devised a "secret plan" to destroy the immortal Ardyn and drive out the darkness, and managed to surpass even the intent of the gods to bring forth another future.[1]

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