DissidiaOO Chapter one, titled Chapter 1: Primus Island is the first level available of the story of Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia. In this chapter we see Mog and Materia discussing about the damage caused by the dimensional distortions and the start of Mog's journey alongside Warrior of Light, Vivi, Sazh and Rem through Primus Island.

Story CutscenesEdit

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  • Materia: The ability to protect the world by changing "memory" into "power"...
  • Materia: If this ability and the ancient Moogle are together, we could finally save the world...
  • Mog: Kupo! Leave it to Mog, kupo.
  • Mog: If Mog guides the warriors to the center of the dimensional distortion, kupo.
  • Mog: We should be able to defeat the cause of the distortion and that will close it, kupo!
  • Materia: The warriors are scattered all over the world and are wandering alone.
  • Materia: This fight won’t be easy...
  • Mog: Then Mog will work hard on it, kupo! I’ll show you, kupo.
  • Mog: In fact, Mog has already found four warriors, kupo.
  • Materia: One who fully embraces the light of his chest...
  • Materia: One with a small body but with a strong magical power...
  • Materia: A man whose love for his family is his power...
  • Materia: A girl who radiates life during an age of war...
  • Mog: I’ll start my journey with those four warriors, kupo!
  • Materia: I understand. Go.
  • Materia: The damage caused by the dimensional distortion grows at high speed.
  • Materia: There is... barely time left...
  • Mog: Is it good to leave Spiritus out of this? Kupo...
  • Materia: That’s... what do you mean?
  • Mog: It may sound like I’m thinking about something wrong, kupo...
  • Mog: ...but you need to trust in Mog, kupo.
  • Materia: Spiritus and I are incompatible. We were born that way...
  • Materia: But please, never mind that.
  • Mog: What do my warriors and I do if we encounter rogue warriors on our journey?
  • Materia: Leave it to the warriors you’ve collected.
  • Materia: Everyone has the power of light... You should be able to make the correct decisions together.
  • Mog: Okay, kupo!
  • Mog: ...kupo! While we were talking a new dimensional distortion has appeared.
  • Materia: Please, go... We will save the world with the warriors on our side.
  • Mog: Of course, kupo! I’m on my way, kupooo!
  • Materia: The dimensional distortion has also damaged our battlefields...
  • Materia: ... so I must unveil the cause of all of this and protect the world.
  • Materia: That is my duty as the goddess of this world.

The Warrior of LightEdit

  • Garland: That is all!
  • Warrior of Light: ...damn!
  • Garland: You will die and reanimate again and again in this place forever...
  • Garland: The power of light exists no more!

(Garland slays the Warrior of Light)

  • Rem: Are you alright?!

(The Warrior of Light awakens with Rem, Vivi and Mog by his side)

  • Warrior of Light: Am I... ?
  • Vivi: Monsters are about to attack us!

During "Windy Plains 1"Edit

  • Warrior of Light: If the opponent is only one goblin, leave this to me.
  • Mog: Kupo! That’s right. Mog will teach you how to fight, kupo!

(Speechless tutorial)

  • Mog: Kupo? There are still enemies coming, kupo?!
  • Vivi: Let us join from right here!
  • Warrior of Light: Oh, thank you.

(Speechless tutorial)

  • Mog: The bravery of that goblin is really low, kupo. Aim your bravery attacks to it, kupo!

First VictoryEdit

  • Mog: You guys are so awesome, kupo! Although it was our first battle, it was perfect, kupooo!
  • Rem: Um... Were you alright a while ago?
  • Warrior of Light: ... don’t worry. You are... Rem, am I correct?
  • Rem: Yeah, nice to meet you. And this little fella right here is...
  • Vivi: I’m Vivi.
  • Vivi: You’ve got yourself lost in this vast world, just like us. Though, we were asked for help by Mog.
  • Warrior of Light: Both of you are like me. Warriors blessed by “the power of light”. Or something like that... maybe?
  • Mog: That’s right, kupo!
  • Mog: Only your power can save this world from the dimensional distortion that is destroying it, kupo!
  • Vivi: Those monsters are coming out of the distortion, aren’t they?
  • Rem: So... we are the only ones who can stop it.
  • Rem: I wonder if finishing them all is the correct way to do this.
  • Mog: Please, believe in Mog, kupo!
  • Mog: Since there is one small distortion really close, let’s try sealing it first, kupo.
  • Vivi: Alright, I’ll do my best.
  • Mog: Mog will also do his best at supporting you, kupo!
  • Warrior of Light: I’m counting on you.

During "Windy Plains 3"Edit

  • Mog: A flan has appeared, kupo! But, don’t worry, with Vivi’s Fire spell defeating it should be easy, kupo!
  • Vivi: Understood. So, I have to cast “Fire” on the flan, correct? Alright, I’ll do my best!

(After breaking the bravery of the flan)

  • Mog: Defeat the flan while it is broken, kupo!

During "Windy Plains 4"Edit

  • Mog: An iron giant, kupo! Be prepared for its strong attacks, kupo!
  • Mog: Warrior, use “Shining Shield” to protect Vivi, kupo.

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