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Stoneskin in Final Fantasy XI.

Stoneskin (ストンスキン, Sutonsukin?) is a recurring spell in the Final Fantasy series. It generally creates a barrier which absorbs a certain amount of incoming damage.


Final Fantasy XIEdit


MP 29
Effect Absorbs a certain amount of damage from physical and magical attacks.
Duration 5 minutes or until destroyed
Casting Time 10 seconds
Recast Time 30 seconds
Magic Type Enhancing Magic
Element Earth
Jobs WHM 28, RDM 33, SCH 44

The White Magic spell Stoneskin grants the Stoneskin status, which completely absorbs a certain amount of HP damage, similar to ability used by the traditional Summon Golem. The protection offered by Stoneskin must be completely destroyed before the player or monster will start to take damage again, even from degenerative statuses like Poison, Burn, etc.

The amount of protection is determined by the caster's MND stat and Enhancing Magic skill. It is useful for all jobs, but it is used mostly by mages hoping to compensate for low physical Defense and low Hit Points by providing a buffer from damage. Merchants in Bastok Markets, Port San d'Oria, and Port Windurst will sell Stoneskin scrolls to citizens of their own nation, but only when that nation ranks 1st in the conquest campaign.

Legacy Final Fantasy XIVEdit


Creates a barrier around the target that prevents a fixed amount of damage.
—Description in the original Final Fantasy XIV
FFXIVL Stoneskin Icon

In Legacy Final Fantasy XIV, Stoneskin appeared as an ability. At the initial release, Stoneskin was a Conjurer spell available for use at Rank 6 and it cost 3 action points to set. The ability bestowed the Stoneskin status to all allies within an area of effect.

Final Fantasy XIVEdit

FFXIVARR Stoneskin Icon

Stoneskin appears in the relaunch of Final Fantasy XIV as a Conjurer ability available at level 34. The ability bestows the Stoneskin status to a single target for a period of 30 minutes, nullifying physical damage totaling to 10% of target's maximum HP. The ability has a cast time of 3 seconds and has a cooldown time of 2.5 seconds. Once the player learns the "Quick Stoneskin" trait at Conjurer level 36, the cast time of Stoneskin is shortened to 2.5 seconds. The ability can be used by all Disciples of War and Magic and the only jobs that can use the ability are White Mage, Scholar, and Paladin.

At the launch of the game, the spell originally gained an enhanced effect to increase its effectiveness to 18% once the player had learned the Graniteskin trait at level 36. However, the Graniteskin trait was removed at the launch of the Heavensward expansion, for in-game balance to allow all classes to have the same effect when using the spell.

Final Fantasy DimensionsEdit


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Pictlogica Final FantasyEdit


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Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit


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