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FFX-2 Stone Breath

Stone Breath in Final Fantasy X-2.

Stone Breath (石化ブレス, Sekika Buresu?, lit. Petrify Breath) is a Blue Magic ability in Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2, as well as being an enemy ability in Final Fantasy XII.


Final Fantasy XEdit

X A Ronso Rage Overdrive usable by Kimahri, Stone Breath turns all enemies into Stone and will always hit unless the enemy is 100% immune to petrification. Kimahri can learn the ability by using Lancet from Basilisks and Anacondaurs.

Final Fantasy X-2Edit

X-2 Stone Breath has the same effect as in Final Fantasy X, but is now a Blue Bullet ability used by Gun Mages. The ability is now learned from the Doomstone-type enemies and costs 32 MP to cast. It has 40% of chance of inflicting Petrify on a target.[1]

Breath of the Gorgon inflicts damage equal to 1/2 of remaining HP and Petrify. It is used by Adamantoise and Adamantortoise while Oversouled.

Final Fantasy XIIEdit

XII Stone Breath is an enemy ability used mostly by the Wyrm class of enemies, and it inflicts physical damage as well as Petrify.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the RiftEdit

TA2 Stone Breath is an enemy ability, used by Axebeak and Cockatrice, which inflicts Petrify on all units in a cone in front of the user.

Final Fantasy Legends IIEdit


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