Thief command. Steal with nimble hands.

Steal (盗む, Nusumu?) is an action ability usable by the Thief in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.


Ability Equipment Effect AP Power Range
Steal: Armor Rondell Dagger Steals armor worn by enemy. 300 1
Steal: Shield Scramasax Steals shield held by enemy. 200 1
Steal: Access. Jambiya Steals accessory worn by enemy.
Boots cannot be stolen.
300 1
Steal: Helm Kard Steals helmet or headwear worn by enemy. 300 1
Steal: Weapon Sword Breaker Steals weapon held by enemy. 300 1
Steal: Gil Jack Knife Steals gil from enemy. 100 1
Steal: EXP Khukuri Steals experience points from enemy. 100 1
Steal: JP Orichalcum Steals judge points from enemy. 200 1
Steal: Ability Cinquedea Steals enemy's A-ability for your use.
The ability must be able to be learned in any job and the ability must be mastered. Reaction and Support abilities cannot be stolen. Success rate is low.
300 1


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