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Status Reels (ステータスリール, Sutētasu Rīru?) is a recurring ability closely associated with Wakka's Overdrive, Slots. It allows Wakka to deal a status effect attack with his blitzball.


Final Fantasy XEdit

X Wakka spins the slots, with three different symbols representing different types of negative status effects. Matching two reels of the same symbol will affect one randomly chosen enemy, whereas matching three of the same symbol launches an attack that hits all enemies, in both cases they inflict status ailments depending on the selected symbol. If there are no matches on either slot, a standard attack with increased power will be launched at a random enemy.

The Skull symbol inflicts Poison, as well as Sleep, Silence and Darkness for three rounds, the Down symbol inflicts Full Break, and the Egg-timer symbol inflicts Petrification, or if the enemy or enemies are immune, it delays their next turn considerably and inflicts Slow to those with the haste status thereby removing it.

Status Reels is unlocked in a Blitzball tournament after appearing in 250 non-Monster Arena battles and after unlocking Attack Reels.

Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit

FFAB As Wakka appears in Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade, Status Reels appears as one of his abilities.

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

FFRK Along with Element Reels, Status Reels appears as a Soul Break usable by Wakka in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.

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