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FFT F White Mage PortraitWhite Mage: Life's refreshing breeze, blow in energy! Cure!
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Use a hidden item. Takes time, but no item are expended.
—In-Game "Help" Description.

Stash (とっておき, Totteoki?, lit. Prized Possession) is a skillset used by the Alchemist dressphere in Final Fantasy X-2 that allows the user to use items without actually expending them from the inventory. Stash has a longer charge time than the Item command, but once a Stash ability has been learned, the party member can use items through it in an infinite supply.

List of AbilitiesEdit

Name AP Description Prerequisite Image
Potion 10 Use a spare Potion that you tucked away. None FFX-2 PotionS
Hi-Potion 40 Use a spare Hi-Potion that you tucked away. Potion FFX-2 Hi-PotionS
Mega-Potion 120 Use a spare Mega Potion that you tucked away. Hi-Potion FFX-2 Mega PotionS
X-Potion 160 Use a spare X-Potion that you tucked away. Mega-Potion FFX-2 X-PotionS
Remedy 20 Use a spare Remedy that you tucked away. None FFX-2 RemedyS
Dispel Tonic 20 Use a spare Dispel Tonic that you tucked away. Remedy FFX-2 Dispel TonicS
Phoenix Down 30 Use a spare Phoenix Down that you tucked away. None FFX-2 Phoenix DownS
Mega Phoenix 200 Use a spare Mega Phoenix that you tucked away. Phoenix Down FFX-2 Mega PhoenixS
Ether 400 Use a spare Ether that you tucked away. Dispel Tonic FFX-2 EtherS
Elixir 999 Use a spare Elixir that you tucked away. Ether FFX-2 ElixirS

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