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Square Enix Battle Tracks V.3 is a compilation album featuring battle themes from Square Enix games from 1999 to 2000, arranged in chronological order. Like Square Enix Battle Tracks V.2, this compilation features games only released on the PlayStation. There are four Final Fantasy related tracks.

Track listingEdit

  1. Internal Section "boss1 Speak of the devil" - PlayStation 1999
  2. Final Fantasy VIII "Don't Be Afraid" - PlayStation 1999
  3. Chocobo Racing "Illusionary World" - PlayStation 1999
  4. SaGa Frontier 2 "Feldschlacht I" - PlayStation 1999
  5. Cyber Org "SURVIVE OR DIE" - PlayStation 1999 2:48
  6. Racing Lagoon "Zako Battle2" - PlayStation 1999
  7. Legend of Mana "Pain the Universe" - PlayStation 1999
  8. Front Mission 3 "Swift Attack" - PlayStation 1999
  9. Threads of Fate "Battle" - PlayStation 1999
  10. Chrono Cross "Gale" - PlayStation 1999
  11. Parasite Eve 2 "Weird Man" - PlayStation 1999
  12. Vagrant Story "Minotaur" - PlayStation 2000
  13. Final Fantasy IX "Battle 1" - PlayStation 2000

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