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Sprohm 1
Bangaa moutain town. Home to the prison.

Sprohm (山岳都市スプロム, Sangaku Toshi Supuromu?, lit. Mountain Town Sphrom) is the bangaa town from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. While it is a town in the game, the battlefield in battles held there are very uneven and mountainous. The Clan Yellow Powerz, the first of four Clans fought in the Clan League, spawns here.

Locations Edit

The Long Ear Tavern Edit

The local tavern infamous for its rowdy crowd and prominent brawls. Great place for rumors to start.

Bangaa Emporium Edit

The local shop famed for its ornery owner. At the shop, discounts are given on weaponry wielded by bangaas. This includes knuckles, blades, staves, spears, swords, etc.

Prison Edit


Marche seeking pardon for a clan member.

Described as the tightest-run place in Ivalice, it is administered by guards appointed personally by Queen Remedi. The largest (and only) Prison in the game is located in Sprohm. During engagements, if a character is carded by a Judge, the prison can hand out pardons.

When seeking a pardon, the character is held in the prison for a length determined by how far the game has progressed. If the character is removed from battle by a Judge, they are held in the prison until they are bailed out or serve out their sentence. In either case, if a unit actually serves time, they are returned to your party after entering the prison, if they have served their time.

The music for this place is simply called "Prison", and sounds a lot like "Holy Angel's Theme".

Liberating Sprohm Edit

Sprohm is liberated by completing Mission #069: Free Sprohm!, which is unlocked after completing mission Mission #068: Fowl Thief and reading the Area Freed! rumor. Unlike other turfs, towns actually have an engagement when being liberated. After completion, Sprohm is liberated and will not come under attack.

Missions Edit

  • Mission #057: Prison Break

Help me break out of prison, just for one day, please! All I have to do is deliver a birthday present to my wife! Julian, Troubled Inmate

  • Mission #069: Free Sprohm!

One of the Borzoi Capos is in the mountain town of Sprohm! Keep an eye on him until we and the Sprohm Watch are ready! Cyril Town Watch

Encounters Edit

Sprohmknights Edit

Defectors from the town watch. They aim to bring every clan under their control.
  • White Monk (Bangaa)
  • Fighter (Human)
  • Soldier (Human)
  • Warrior (Bangaa)
  • White Mage (Nu Mou)

Gallery Edit

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