Spiritus is a god of magic who appears in Dissidia Final Fantasy and Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia. He opposes Materia, and is known as the Savage God of Destruction.



Spiritus has long white hair and dark skin. His eyes are yellow. His torso is stripped bare and he wears no shoes. Along his forearms, long scars run across his skin. He wears dark trousers similar to that of hakama, with intricate designs fastened with a striped cord and a red sash.

Spiritus's trousers allude to his role as God of Magic. They have flames representing fire magic, gusts of wind representing wind magic, mountains representing earth magic, and snowflakes representing ice magic. The black parts could allude to the gravity magic commonly related to dark magic. However, Thunder magic, water magic and white magic, are not represented in his design.

Creation and developmentEdit


Spiritus is voiced by Issei Takahashi.[1]



Spiritus means "spirit" in Latin.


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