FFXI wiki icon Spirit Surge (Lancet in the Japanese version), is the special job ability for Dragoons in Final Fantasy XI. Keeping with the absorption tradition of Lancet, the Dragoon absorbs all of his/her wyvern's HP and TP, and experiences other substantial enhancements.

The effects of Spirit Surge status are as follows:

  • Increases maximum HP and MP.
  • Increases attack speed (25% Haste effect).
  • Absorbs all of wyvern's current HP and TP, defeating the wyvern and healing the user.
  • Increases STR dependent on level.

When Spirit Surge is activated, the Dragoon's Jump abilities gain extra Effects (Spirit Surge Effect in Brackets):

  • Jump: Normal Damage (+ Lowers target's Defense temporarily).
  • High Jump: Half Damage + Current enmity reduced by 50% (+ Reduction of target's TP).
  • Super Jump: No Damage + Near complete enmity reduction (+ Enmity reduced by 50% for party member behind the Dragoon).

Trivia Edit

  • When the Dragoon job was first released, its special job ability ability was Call Wyvern. That ability has since been reduced to a 20-minute recast and Spirit Surge has become the Dragoon's new special job ability. Nearly all enemy Dragoons use Call Wyvern as their special job ability, however, rather than Spirit Surge.