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Elementalist command. Draw on spirit power to attack.

Spirit Magic (精霊魔法, Seirei Mahō?) is an action ability usable by the Elementalist in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.

Spirit MagicEdit

Ability Equipment Effect AP MP Power Range
Fire Whip Scarlette Ring of flame. Damages and disables target. 100 12 30 4
Earth Heal Fleuret Focuses power from the earth to heal HP. 200 12 40 4
White Flame Flamberge Soothing fairy fire. Heals HP. 100 24 40 3
Shining Air Djinn Flyssa Rush of air. Damages and inflicts darkness. 200 12 30 4
Evil Gaze Joyeuse Fiendish presence. Deals damage and confuses. 300 12 30 4
Heavy Dust Estoc Lobs a chunk of earth to damage and immobilize. 200 12 30 4
Sliprain Silver Rapier Drops damaging water ball to slow target. 200 12 30 4
Elementalshift Epeprism Randomly shifts resistance to elements in target. 300 6 4