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Spheroid 1 (FFXI)

The Spheroid is an enemy in Final Fantasy XI. Small floating "eyes", these animated balls patrol the Shrine of Ru'Avitau and Ve'Lugannon Palace. When spheroids hear someone trespassing, they may summon a Caretaker, or just attack with lightning-based damaging spells. As patrols, they rarely drop anything useful to the successful adventurer. Occasionally a spheroid in Ve'Lugannon Palace may drop a key.

There is one notorious spheroid worth mentioning: the so-called Mother Globe. When attacked, she will call upon seven Slave Globes to assist her. For those that succeed in defeating her, however, she can reward adventurers with abjurations, with Shiranui, and with a Springstone, which is needed to visit the Wyvern Seiryu.

Regular Monsters Edit

  • Defender
  • Detector
  • Monitor
  • Observer
  • Spectator

Notorious Monsters Edit

  • Gunpod
  • Mother Globe
  • Orbital
  • Slave Globe
  • Warder Aglaia
  • Warder Euphrosyne
  • Warder Thalia

Special Attacks Edit

  • Alert: Calls a Caretaker doll (Detectors and Defenders only).
  • Electrocharge: Ranged Lightning damage.
  • Electromagnetic Field: AoE Lightning damage and Knockback.
  • Reactive Shield: Shock Spikes effect.
  • Stunbolt: Single target Stun.

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