Speed Drink FF7
Duplicates the effect of the Haste spell. Consumed with Drink command.
Final Fantasy V description

Speed Drink (スピードドリンク, Supīdodorinku?), also known as Speed Shake, is a recurring item in the series. In most games, it is used to increase a character's Speed stat, though in others it can cast the Haste spell instead. In Final Fantasy V, it could only be used via the Drink command.


Final FantasyEdit

Temporarily raises agility.

Speed Drink did not appear until the Dawn of Souls release.

Speed Drink
Effect Raises the Agility of one character for the remainder of a battle.
Buy Caravan
Find Earthgift Shrine, Lifespring Grotto (x3), Whisperwind Cove x11
Cost 1000 gil

Final Fantasy VEdit

The Speed Drink can only be used through the Chemist's Drink command.

Speed Drink
Effect When used with the Drink command, gives user the Haste status.
Buy Regole onwards.
Steal Berserker, Farfarello, Black Flame
Drop Aquagel, Black Flame, Defeater, Unknown (#171), Flame Thrower
Cost 110 gil

Final Fantasy VIIEdit

Casts [Haste] on one ally
Speed Drink
Effect Casts Haste.
Steal Vice
Morph Formula, Sonic Speed