FFT Speechcraft, also known as Talk Skill (話術, Wajutsu?), is a command ability from Final Fantasy Tactics used by the Orator job. Using Speechcraft, the Orator can either boost the party's morale, or lower the opponent's. Speechcraft is also the only way to recruit monsters into the player's party. Speechcraft skills have a low success rate compared to other abilities.

The same abilities that can recruit monsters can be used to recruit all enemy units, monster and human alike, in any random encounter and also many plot battles. Although the Invitation ability, like other Speechcraft abilities, has a low success rate compared to other classes, the success rate appears to depend primarily on zodiac compatibility, without regard for PA, MA, Faith, Brave, or overall character exp level, meaning this strategy can reach maximum efficacy early. A single success is all it takes to "defeat" any enemy, permanently, whereas dealing damage may require multiple successful attacks on enemies with high HP, and even once they have been defeated, it remains possible for their allies to raise them with magic or Phoenix Downs. Recruited enemies can be immediately dismissed at the end of battle.