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Special (特殊, Tokushu?) is one of the four main commands in Final Fantasy X containing miscellaneous abilities not necessarily designed for physical attacking. A number of Special abilities are designed to temporarily increase or decrease the ally or enemy party's stats. Many of the abilities are often associated with the Thief class, such as Steal. Other abilities include Copycat, and Doublecast. A number of Special abilities appear as Skill abilities, albeit for a greater MP cost and with an additional physical attack.

The ability Lancet is also found here, which siphons HP and MP from the enemy, but is also the method for Kimahri learning Ronso Rages. Most abilities in the Special command do not cost MP.

Abilities in the Special command largely feature on the Rikku section of the Sphere Grid, but every Sphere Grid section features a Special ability, with stat increasing abilities being heavily spread.

There are 22 abilities in the Special command, but only 20 in the original Japanese and NTSC versions.

List of abilitiesEdit

Ability MP Cost Rank Sphere Grid Section Description Image
Flee 0 2 Tidus Aids party's escape from battle. FFX Flee
Steal 0 3 Rikku Steals items from enemies. FFX Steal
Use 0 2 Rikku Use special items. FFX Use
Pray 0 3 Yuna Restores a small amount of HP to all allies. FFX Pray
Cheer 0 2 Tidus Raises party's strength and defense. FFX Cheer
Aim 0 2 Wakka Raises party's accuracy. FFX Aim
Focus 0 2 Lulu Raises party's magic & magic defense. FFX Focus
Reflex 0 2 Lulu Raises party's evasion. FFX Reflex
Luck 0 2 Rikku Raises party's luck. FFX Luck
Jinx 0 2 Kimahri Lowers all enemies' luck. FFX Jinx
Lancet 0 2 Kimahri Absorbs HP and MP from one enemy. FFX Lancet
Guard 0 3 Auron Allows character to take damage for an ally. FFX Guard
Sentinel 0 3 Auron Allows character to guard allies while in defensive stance. FFX Sentinel
Spare Change 0 3 Rikku Attack by throwing gil. FFX Spare Change
Threaten 12 3 Auron Immobilize an enemy with fear. FFX Threaten
Provoke 4 3 Tidus Draws an enemy's attack toward the user. FFX Provoke
Entrust 8 3 Auron Transfers user's overdrive charge to an ally's gauge. FFX Entrust
Copycat 28 3 Rikku Mimic an ally's previous action. N/A
Pilfer Gil[1] 20 3 Rikku Steal gil from an enemy. FFX Steal Gil
Quick Pockets[1] 70 1 Rikku Swiftly use items with reduced recovery time. N/A
Doublecast 0 3 Lulu Allows character to cast Blk Magic spells twice. N/A
Bribe 0 3 Rikku Pay an enemy to make it go away and relinquish items. FFX Bribe
1 - PAL/International and HD Remaster versions.

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