South Gustaberg.

South Gustaberg is an area in Final Fantasy XI. This rocky wasteland that sits on Bastok's southern flank borders the Bastore Sea to the south. A unique local landmark is the Morhen Lighthouse, which lights the way for ferries and ships alike.

Location Edit

Located in the Gustaberg region, South Gustaberg is situated just outside the city of Bastok and serves as a area for new adventurers to train. It connects to the Dangruf Wadi to the west and North Gustaberg in the north. To the east lies the Bhefhel Gulf, which runs far below the steep cliffs of Gustaberg and opens out into the Bastore Sea. Because of this, many seafaring fish, such as the Bastore Sardine or Bream, may be caught in this area by enterprising fishermen.

Vomp Hill is located squarely in the middle of South Gustaberg and is the only rock formation in the area that may be ascended by players. Sheep congregate in the area, and a cooking fire on top of the mountain may be used to cook traditional Galkan sausage.

The inhospitable Fumaroles can be found in the western end of South Gustaberg. An area filled with geysers, steam vents, and hot springs, many lizards in the Gustaberg region make their homes here. During the Sunbreeze Festival, adventurers can also flock here to try their hand at Goldfish Scooping.

Story Edit

In the Chains of Promathia mission The Call of the Wyrmking, Bahamut warps the player to South Gustaberg in anger after being ambushed at the Monarch Linn.

Landmarks Edit

Morhen Lighthouse Edit

SGustaberg Morhen Lighthouse

Morhen Lighthouse.

This lighthouse sits at the southeastern corner of South Gustaberg, and overlooks the Bhefhel Gulf. The lighthouse is a valuable asset for Bastok, ensuring the safety of ferrying ships and airships alike. Bubbly Bernie, a fish-loving Crab NM may be found around the lighthouse, and adventurers who seek to slay it must first lure it out of hiding.

Stone Monument Edit

SGustaberg Stone Monument

The stone monument in South Gustaberg.

Position: (K-10)

Placed atop a hill overlooking the Bastore Sea, This stone monument was the first placed by Gwynham Ironheart. It reads:

I've been a sailor for over forty years, yet I cannot grasp the concept of the world as a whole. Then again, those who live in cities know even less than I.
They are content knowing only of the things around them. I cannot blame them for choosing to live this way, as curiosity is, more often than not, a dangerous trait.
But I have sworn to use the rest of my life - a life I had once thought lost when I was shipwrecked -to indulge this insatiable curiosity of mine, and to uncover the truths of Vana'diel.
I have decided to leave my first message here, on this hill overlooking my homeland of Bastok. It is the first record of a journey that I hope will benefit all the peoples of Vana'diel.
—Gwynham Ironheart, 748 Crystal Era

Connected Areas Edit

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(J-7), Bastok Mines
(L-8), Dangruf Wadi
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Enemies Edit

  • Amber Quadav
  • Amethyst Quadav
  • Black Wolf*(at night)
  • Ding Bats*(from dusk to dawn)
  • Enchanted Bones*(at night)
  • Fledermaus*(from dusk to dawn)
  • Goblin Digger
  • Goblin Fisher
  • Goblin Thug
  • Goblin Weaver
  • Huge Hornet
  • Land Crab*(caught fishing)
  • Maneating Hornet
  • Mole Crab*(caught fishing)
  • Ornery Sheep
  • Passage Crab*(caught fishing)
  • Rock Lizard
  • Sand Crab*(caught fishing)
  • Shrapnel*(during foggy weather)
  • Stone Crab*(caught fishing)
  • Stone Eater
  • Tunnel Worm
  • Vulture
  • Walking Sapling
  • Young Quadav

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Voidwatch Enemies Edit

Music Edit

As in North Gustaberg, "Gustaberg" is the eponymous theme that plays in the field in this area. When a player is engaged in combat with a creature, one of two battle themes may play instead; "Battle Theme" if the player is fighting solo, or "Battle Theme #2" if the player is fighting in a group.

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Trivia Edit

  • As South Gustaberg is located right outside a starter city and designed to cater to low level, it is well known as a newbie area.