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"Sound of the Wind" (Japanese)
Kaze no Ne
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"Sound of the Wind" (カゼノネ, Kaze no Ne?) is the opening theme song of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. Composed by Kumi Tanioka, there are two versions of the song: the Japanese version performed by Yae, and the English version called Morning Sky performed by Donna Burke.

The Japanese version is found on both the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Original Soundtrack and an eponymous tie-in single, as well as Yae's sophomore album Blue Line in an arranged version. The English version has never been released commercially, but can be found on a (now exceedingly rare) single called Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: A Musical Journey obtained as a preorder bonus when purchasing the game.

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Lyrics Edit

Japanese Rōmaji
Kirameku hoshizora wa yume no manimani
Tadayotteru watashi e to katarikakeru
Sazameku kaze no ne wa tobira no hiraku ne
Ima hajimaru monogatari no hiraku ne
Habataku toritachi mo hi o abitondeyuku
Saa tabidatsu toki ga kita
Mayowazu ni yuke
Daijoubu to asayake no sora wa itta
Yurameku kokoro no oku ni
Kakurete wa mieru
Afureru omoide o kakaete
Furikaeru na asayake no sora wa itta
Hatenaki yama no mukou ni
Kakurete wa mieru
Kasuka na hikari made aruite
Hatenaki sora no mukou ni
Kakurete wa mieru
Tashika na miraizu o motomete
English version
Dreaming of the stars on high
That speak to me in secret sighs
Drifting on a breeze only I can feel and hear
Could it be the sacred wind
That's calling me to now begin
To walk into the dark carrying the light of tomorrow
Beating of the wings up high
Beyond the earth, beyond the sky
Come now, don't hesitate
Don't look back, we've got to go now
Don't fear
You'll be safe from now on
Morning sky watching over the world
Deep inside so silently
My heart will speak
Deep inside of me
Memories flickering and shimmering on endlessly
Keeping close to the path
Morning sky watching over the world
Moving over endless mountains oh so high
Walk into the light
Your heart will see the path and you will find the way
Just wait and see
Moving over endless sky oh so high
Tomorrow will follow
When above, your promise is today
Just wait and see

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