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Earthgift Shrine - WM
Earthgift Shrine on the World Map.
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Hellfire Chasm - WM
Hellfire Chasm on the World Map.
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Lifespring Grotto - WM
Lifespring Grotto on the World Map.
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Whisperwind Cove - WM
Whisperwind Cove on the World Map.
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For the EX Burst in Dissidia Final Fantasy and Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy see Garland (Final Fantasy)/Dissidia#EX Mode.

Soul of Chaos is the collective name of the four bonus dungeons originating in the Dawn of Souls version of the original Final Fantasy, and reappearing in the 20th Anniversary Edition and iPhone versions, but not the Android version.

Their names are:

Each dungeon is tied to one of the four worldly elements (Earth, Fire, Water and Wind respectively), and they are initially sealed by a statue of their element's respective Chaos Fiend (Lich for Earth, Marilith for Fire, Kraken for Water, and Tiamat for Wind). Once a Chaos Fiend is defeated and the elemental Crystal is restored, their statue will disappear, opening the way to the dungeon.

Each dungeon, with the exception of Earthgift Shrine, is significantly longer than any in the main game: Earthgift Shrine has five floors, Hellfire Chasm has ten, Lifespring Grotto has twenty, and Whisperwind Cove has forty floors. Every tenth floor has an exit portal to the World Map and a number of bosses available to battle; all major bosses from future games in the series: Earthgift Shrine features the Dark Crystal guardians from Final Fantasy III, and takes four runs to clear; Hellfire Chasm features the Archfiends from Final Fantasy IV, and takes two runs to clear; Lifespring Grotto features the famous Shinryu, Omega, Atomos, and the recurring Gilgamesh from Final Fantasy V and takes two runs to clear; and Whisperwind Cove features four of the more notorious bosses from Final Fantasy VI and can be cleared in a run. The caves also include many new and powerful pieces of equipment, as well as enemies that were not in the original game.

Other Appearances Edit

Dissidia Final Fantasy Edit

Soul of Chaos is also the name of Garland's EX Burst, as a reference to both the dungeons and the fact that he is Chaos.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Edit

Soul of Chaos reappears as Garland's EX Burst in Dissidia 012.

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