The Soul Shrine is a bonus dungeon in the Advance and mobile/Steam versions of Final Fantasy VI. The shrine becomes available after the Dragons' Den and the main story have been completed. It is located on a small island near Mobliz. The shrine resembles the Cloister of the Dead from Final Fantasy V, likewise added to the GBA port.


Completing the challengeEdit

The Soul Shrine contains a series of 128 battles against most of the enemies and bosses, including the new dragons from the Dragons' Den. While the battles are set up in a particular order (i.e. the Dragons' Den dragons are the final tier), there is a bit of randomness included with some enemies swapping levels. The player can also fight monsters missed during the initial playthrough, meaning there is a chance to get a 100% completed bestiary here. Leaving the shrine causes the battles to be reset.

Enemies drop items giving another chance to pick up some nice rewards, as well as the possibility of getting multiples of some of the ultra-powerful items. For example, Samurai Soul is in the Soul Shrine, which means the player can get as many Master's Scrolls as they want.

The Soul Shrine also includes a few new monsters called Glutturns. They appear asking for curative items, like Elixirs and Hi-Ethers and, if not fed, attack the party with some particularly devastating moves, including Ultima and Diabolic Whistle, among others. The real goal is to steal, as Glutturns have useful rare steals, including Souls of Thamasa, Celestriads, Force Shields, and Master's Scrolls. They are the only source in the game of unlimited Souls of Thamasa.


The four Glutturns that appear in the Soul Shrine.

Upon completing the challenge, the player is given the key item Master's Crown. Like other Final Fantasy arena items (i.e. the Final Fantasy X Mark of Conquest), it has no in-game purpose. Beating Soul Shrine several times does not yield more Master's Crowns. It is possible to use this area to level up and gather up rare items for use against the Omega Weapon.

Completing Soul Shrine in the mobile/Steam version earns the Testament achievement.

Enemies Edit

The list of monster formations provided below serves as a rough guideline as to where they are, and how far one must fight until reaching a pause. There is randomness involved in the gauntlet; up until the last few battles, encounters from the Dragons' Den may show up at any time. Glutturns show up randomly throughout the gauntlet and at specific times.

A pause will take the player back into the room with the lone ghost allowing them to heal and change equipment. If the player leaves, they will reset the gauntlet. To resume the gauntlet, one must simply talk to the ghost.

  1. Imperial Soldier x2, Magitek Armor
  2. Zaghrem, Trillium, Spritzer x2
  3. Nautiloid, Exocite, Lesser Lopros
  4. Satellite
  5. Oversoul, Living Dead x2
  6. Opinicus Fish, Rhizopas
  7. Angel Whisper, Living Dead, Cloud x2
  8. Hell's Rider
  9. Heavy Armor, Corporal x2
  10. Paraladia, Vulture, Iron Fist
  11. Veil Dancer, Gobbledygook x3
  12. Hill Gigas, Harvester
  13. General, Onion Knight x2
  14. Chaser, Trapper x3
  15. Death Warden
  16. Murussu, Baalzephon
  17. Bomb x6
  18. Io
  19. Fossil Dragon, Bug x3
  20. Zombie Dragon, Outcast x2
  1. Balloon x6
  2. Adamankary, Bonnacon x2
  3. Mega Armor, Proto Armor
  4. Gigantos x2
  5. Brainpan x2, Misfit, Apocrypha
  6. Behemoth, Misfit x2
  7. Ninja x2, Platinum Dragon
  8. Grenade
  9. Land Ray, Peeper x2
  10. Black Dragon
  11. Daedalus, Ahriman
  12. Intangir
  13. Vector Chimera x2
  14. Lenergia x2, Destroyer
  15. Glutturn
  16. Landworm
  17. Neck Hunter, Cruller, Humpty x2
  18. Dante
  19. Dropper x3
  20. Borghese, Cloudwraith
  21. Tonberries x3
  1. Skeletal Horror
  2. Malboro, Exoray, or Shield Dragon x2
  3. Knotty x4
  4. Punisher x2, Devil Fist
  5. Glasya Labolas, Mugbear, Devil Fist
  6. Gorgimera
  7. Primeval Dragon, Great Malboro
  8. Test Rider
  9. Purple Magna Roader, Red Magna Roader
  10. Yellow Magna Roader x2, Brown Magna Roader
  11. Blade Dancer x2, Crusher x2
  12. Rafflesia x3
  13. Mahadeva
  14. Sorath, Warlock, Creature
  15. Armored Weapon
  16. Enuo, Devil, Figaro Lizard
  17. Pluto Armor, Schmidt
  18. Weredragon, Parasite x3
  19. Alluring Rider, Pandora x3
  20. Coco, Samurai, Suriander
  1. Tyrannosaur x2
  2. Greater Mantis, Sprinter, Lycaon x2
  3. Basilisk x2, Leap Frog
  4. Great Behemoth, Great Malboro, Vector Lythos
  5. Purusa, Gloomwind
  6. Face, Zeveak, Necromancer x2
  7. Clymenus x2, Necromancer
  8. Chaos Dragon, Ouroboros, Seaflower x2
  9. Amduscias, Covert x2
  10. Baalzephon x2, Shambling Corpse x2
  11. Wartpuck, Kamui
  12. Level 10 Magic, Level 20 Magic
  13. Level 30 Magic x3
  14. Level 60 Magic, Level 30 Magic, Level 10 Magic x2
  15. Level 70 Magic, Level 50 Magic, Level 40 Magic
  16. Level 90 Magic, Level 80 Magic
  17. Glutturn
  1. Angler Whelk
  2. Dadaluma
  3. Crane x2
  4. Number 024
  5. Number 128, Left Blade, Right Blade
  6. Flame Eater
  7. Air Force, Laser Gun, Missile Bay, Bit
  8. Master Tonberry
  9. Brachiosaur
  1. Gamma
  2. InnoSent x3
  3. Junk x3
  4. Demon Knight, Yojimbo
  5. Muud Suud
  6. Prometheus, Fortis
  7. Duel Armor, Death Machine, Fortis
  8. Outsider x2, Dark Force, Cherry
  9. Mover x3
  10. Fiend Dragon x2
  1. Ice Dragon
  2. Storm Dragon
  3. Earth Dragon
  4. Gold Dragon
  5. Skull Dragon
  6. Holy Dragon
  7. Blue Dragon
  8. Red Dragon
  1. Tentacle x4
  2. Dullahan
  3. Humbaba
  4. Malboro Menace
  5. Curlax, Laragorn, Moebius
  6. Samurai Soul
  7. Magic Master
  8. Hidon, Erebus x4
  9. Deathgaze
  1. Inferno, Ketu, Rahu
  2. Guardian
  3. Demon
  4. Goddess
  5. Fiend
  1. Ice Dragon (Dragons' Den version)
  2. Storm Dragon (Dragons' Den version)
  3. Earth Dragon (Dragons' Den version)
  4. Gold Dragon (Dragons' Den version)
  5. Skull Dragon (Dragons' Den version)
  6. Holy Dragon (Dragons' Den version)
  7. Blue Dragon (Dragons' Den version)
  8. Red Dragon (Dragons' Den version)
  9. Kaiser Dragon

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The soul, in many religious, philosophical, psychological, and mythological traditions, is the incorporeal and, in many conceptions, immortal essence of a person, living thing, or object.