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Soul Eater is an optional boss in Final Fantasy Dimensions. It can be found in the Forest of Spirits, located west of Alfheim in The Void.

Battle Edit

Soul Eater uses moves that make the fight pretty challenging. When the battle starts, the party will fight against one Soul Eater. Its abilities can be threatening at first, as it uses the move Incisors, which can deal massive damage to a single target. It also uses the move Macabre which deals a considerable amount damage to the entire party. It will occasionally use Bite, which can inflict Poison and Confusion on one party member. If Soul Eater is killed by Final Heaven, or any attack that ignore defense, the optional boss will multiply into a group of five Soul Eaters, making it extremely more, five times more to be exact, difficult to be defeated.

Strategy Edit

A group of Level 70+ party members are recommended for this boss fight, as well as members who have a high amount of HP. Soul Eater's only notable defense is physical damage, rendering normal weapon attacks useless. The Fusion Ability Final Heaven is probably the worst choice to use on Soul Eater as it will multiple itself by five, unless one wants a real challenge. Instead of that, use attacks which can deal a significant amount of damage, such as Midareyuki, Phantom Rush or Double-casting Meteor. The boss has really low HP, which actually makes up for his ridiculous high DEF and SPR. Supportive Abilities including Full Cure, Hastega, Mighty Guard, and Araise are very effective. Dry Ether, Phoenix Down, and Elixirs will also be a huge advantage in battle.

Gallery Edit

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Etymology Edit

A soul eater is a folklore figure in the traditional belief systems of some African peoples, notably the Hausa people of Nigeria and Niger. Belief in soul eaters is related to traditional folk beliefs in witchcraft, zombies, and related phenomena. The soul eater is supposedly able to consume an individual's spirit, causing a wasting disease that can be fatal.

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