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The Soul Cannon is a boss in Final Fantasy V. It is the main defense of the flying ruins, and the party must defeat it to get inside. Soul Cannon is also one of the wall enemies in the Phoenix Tower.


Apart from its exceptionally high HP, the Soul Cannon is not much of a problem. It is slow, and takes time to charge up its attacks. The Launchers flanking it will attack, though, and can halve a character's HP and inflict the Old status. Its other attack, Wave Cannon, can do serious damage if not careful, but one can easily predict when it is going to use it. Wave Cannon deals exactly half max HP in damage and inflicts Sap on each character.


Blue Magic spell Level 5 Death instantly kills the Launchers. Black Mages should cast Thundara, Mystic Knights should use Thundara Sword, and Summoners use Ramuh.



The soul, in many religious, philosophical, psychological, and mythological traditions, is the incorporeal and, in many conceptions, immortal essence of a person, living thing, or object.

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