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This articles lists all Soul Breaks used in Final Fantasy Record Keeper by characters originating from Final Fantasy V.

List of Soul BreaksEdit


Soul Break Soul Gauge Target Properties Relic
Mass Regen
FFRK Mass Regen Icon
1 Party Type: Support
Charge Time: 2.50s
Ally: Regen (30s)
Area of Effect
Grant Regen to all allies.
Royal Devotion
FFRK Royal Devotion Icon
1 Single Type: Healing
Charge Time: 2.50s
Ally: Raise
Ally: Full HP recovery
FFRK Healing Staff FFV
Healing Staff (V)
Revive and fully restore one KO'd ally.
Princess's Favor
FFRK Princess&#039;s Favor Icon
1 All FFRK Sage&#039;s Staff FFV
Sage's Staff (V)
Restore a moderate amount of HP and grant heavy Regen to all allies.
Flames of War
FFRK Fighting Spirit of Fire Icon
FFRK Power Staff FFV
Power Staff (V)
Messiah Returnation*
FFRK Unknown Soul Break Icon 2
FFRK Unknown Staff 1
生者の護り手 (V)
Proud Tycoon*
FFRK Proud Tycoon Icon
FFRK Mace of Zeus FFV
Mace of Zeus (V)
Tycoon Phoenix*
FFRK Tycoon Phoenix Icon
FFRK Nirvana FFV
Nirvana (V)
Burst Mode abilities: FFRK Saint Judgement IconSaint Judgement (聖女の審判), FFRK Tycoon Gospel Icon Tycoon Gospel (タイクーンの福音)


Soul Break Soul Gauge Target Properties Relic
Clenched Fist
FFRK Clenched Fist Icon
1 Single Type: Physical
Potency: 150% (ATK)
Charge Time: 3.00s
Deal damage to one target.
Unyielding Fist
FFRK Unyielding Fist Icon
1 Self Type: Support
Charge Time: 3.00s
User: Remove all buffs
User: Remove all debuffs
User: ATK +50% (30s)
User: Invincible (30s)
FFRK Kaiser Knuckles FFV
Kaiser Knuckles (V)
Remove all buffs and debuffs from user, while granting Invulnerable and raising Attack.
Fist of the Dawn
FFRK Fist of the Dawn Icon
1 Single FFRK Thor Hammer FFV
Thor Hammer (V)
Deal physical damage to one target and temporarily raise the party's Attack.
Platinum Hazard*
FFRK Platinum Hazard Icon
FFRK Mjolnir Unknown
Mjolnir (V)
FFRK Unknown Soul Break Galuf Icon
FFRK Titan&#039;s Gloves FFV
Titan's Gloves (V)
Sorrows of Parting (離愁)*
FFRK Sorrows of Parting Icon
FFRK Sledgehammer FFV
Sledgehammer (V)
Burst Mode abilities: FFRK Absorbing Life Fist IconAbsorbing Life Fist (吸命の拳打), FFRK Soul Savior Kick Icon Soul Savior Kick (救魂の蹴撃)


Soul Break Soul Gauge Target Properties Relic
Morphing Time!
FFRK Morphing Time Icon
1 Self Type: Support
Charge Time: 3.00s
User: ATK +35% (25s)
Temporarily increase user's Attack.
Death Claw
FFRK Death Claw Icon
1 Single Type: Physical/Debuff
Potency: 170%
Hits: 3
Charge Time: 2.75s
Ailment: Paralysis (15s)
Ailment Chance: 21%
FFRK Kotetsu FFV
Kotetsu (V)
Deal three non-elemental physical damage with chance of inflicting paralysis.
FFRK Reflection Icon
FFRK Zantetsuken FFV
Zantetsuken (V)
Buddy Combination*
FFRK Buddy Combination Icon
FFRK Genji Sword FFV
Genji Sword (V)
Secret Sword: Blocked on All Sides*
FFRK Secret Sword - Blocked on All Sides Icon
FFRK Masamune FFV
Masamune (V)
Burst Mode abilities: FFRK Dual Thrust IconDual Thrust, FFRK Tsubamegaeshi Icon Tsubamegaeshi
Even Now I Follow (今こそオレも仲間)*
FFRK Even Now I Follow Icon
FFRK Gilgamesh&#039;s Naginata FFV
Gilgamesh's Naginata (V)


Soul Break Soul Gauge Target Properties Relic
Shield Toss
FFRK Shield Toss Icon
1 Single Type: Physical/Support
Potency: 140%
Charge Time: 2.75s
User: DEF +30% (20s)
Deal damage and raise user's Defense.
Blade Wing
FFRK Blade Wing Icon
1 All Type: Physical/Debuff
Potency: 155%
Hits: 2
Charge Time: 3.00s
Element: Wind
Ailment: Sap (40s)
Ailment Chance: 29%
Area of Effect
FFRK Air Knife FFV
Air Knife (V)
Deal two wind attacks and sometimes Sap all targets.
Lupine Barrage
FFRK Lupine Barrage Icon
1 Single Type: Physical/Support
Potency: 105%
Hits: 5
Charge Time: 2.50s
Element: Non-elemental
User: ATK +35% (25s)
FFRK Brave Blade FFV
Brave Blade (V)
Deal five successive physical attacks to one target and temporarily raise the user's Attack.
True Legend Sword*
FFRK True Legend Sword Icon
FFRK Excalibur FFV
Excalibur (V)
Hurricane Tomahawk*
FFRK Hurricane Tomahawk Icon
FFRK Spirit Bardiche Unknown
Spirit Bardiche (V)
Four Color Shine*
FFRK Four Color Shine Icon
FFRK Ragnarok FFV
Ragnarok (V)
Buddy Wind Dance (風と相棒の舞)*
FFRK Buddy Wind Dance Icon
FFRK Bartz&#039;s Cloak
Bartz's Cloak (V)
Crystal's Guidance*
FFRK Crystal&#039;s Guidance Icon
FFRK Apocalypse FFV
Apocalypse (V)


Soul Break Soul Gauge Target Properties Relic
Master of the Sea
FFRK Master of the Sea Icon
1 All None
Deal physical water damage to all targets.
Kindred Spirit
FFRK Kindred Spirit Icon
1 All FFRK Aevis Killer FFV
Aevis Killer (V)
Deal physical damage to all targets, temporarily lowering their Defense and Resistance.
Sea King's Cannon*
FFRK Sea King&#039;s Cannon Icon
FFRK Yoichi Bow FFV
Yoichi Bow (V)
FFRK Unknown Soul Break Icon 1
FFRK Unknown Bow 1
舞帝の依代 (V)
Beryl Serpent
FFRK Blue Sea Dragon Icon
FFRK Artemis&#039; Bow FFV
Artemis' Bow (V)
Burst Mode abilities: FFRK Deluge IconDeluge, FFRK Rough Tides IconRough Tides
Kairyu Storm (海竜の暴風)*
FFRK Kairyu Storm Icon
FFRK Faris&#039;s Gauntlet
Faris's Gauntlet (V)
FFRK Phantom FFV Icon
FFRK Faris Model FFV
Faris Model (V)


Soul Break Soul Gauge Target Properties Relic
Black Hole
FFRK Black Hole Icon
1 Single None
Deal magic non-elemental damage to one enemy.
Grand Cross
FFRK Grand Cross Icon
1 All FFRK Moore Branch
Moore Branch (V)
Deal 4 magic attacks to all enemies, absorb enemy black and white magic, and restore ability uses.
Dark Earthshaker*
FFRK Dark Earthshaker Icon
FFRK Ghido&#039;s Blade FFV
Ghido's Blade (V)
Neo Almagest*
FFRK Neo Almagest Icon
FFRK Exdeath&#039;s Armor
Exdeath's Armor (V)
Power of the Void*
FFRK Power of the Void Icon
FFRK Enuo&#039;s Scourge FFV
Enuo's Scourge (V)


Soul Break Soul Gauge Target Properties Relic
FFRK Calm Icon
1 Single None
Lower the Attack of one target.
Wind Drake's Roar
FFRK Wind Drake&#039;s Roar Icon
1 All FFRK Magus Rod FFV
Magus Rod (V)
Deal non-elemental magic damage to all targets, with a high chance to interrupt their actions.
Heaven Arc*
FFRK Heaven Arc Icon
FFRK Brynhildr Unknown
Brynhildr (Logres)
FFRK Unknown Soul Break Krile Icon
FFRK Beast Killer FFV
Beast Killer (V)
Sheep Song*
FFRK Sheep Song Icon
FFRK Fire Lash FFV
Fire Lash (V)
The Day Will Come (いつの日かきっと)*
FFRK The Day Will Come Icon
FFRK Asura&#039;s Rod FFV
Asura's Rod (V)
Burst Mode abilities: FFRK Ignus Fatuus BSB IconIgnus Fatuus (おにび), FFRK Great Fire Icon Great Fire (だいふんか)


Soul Break Soul Gauge Target Properties Relic
FFRK Shirahadori Icon
Home, Sweet Home (はるかなる故郷)*
FFRK Home, Sweet Home Icon
1 All FFRK Dorgann&#039;s Blade FFV
Dorgann's Blade (V)


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