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This articles lists all Soul Breaks used in Final Fantasy Record Keeper by characters originating from the original Final Fantasy.

List of Soul BreaksEdit

Warrior of LightEdit

Soul Break Soul Gauge Target Properties Relic
Class Change
FFRK Class Change Icon
1 Self User: ATK +30% (25s)
User: DEF +30% (25s)
User: MAG +30% (25s)
User: RES +30% (25s)
Charge Time: 3.00s
Raise user's Attack, Defense, Magic, and Resistance.
Shining Wave
FFRK Shining Wave Icon
1 Single Type: Physical
Potency: 540% (ATK)
Element: Holy
Charge Time: 3.00s
FFRK Sun Blade FFI
Sun Blade (I)
Attack one target with a wave of light.
Radiant Sword
FFRK Radiant Sword Icon
1 All Type: Physical
Hits: 8
Potency: 600% (ATK)
Ally: Blink (84600s)
Charge Time: 2.50s
FFRK Braveheart FFI
Braveheart (I)
FFRK Crossover Icon
1 1 Deal four physical holy attacks to one target, and temporarily raise the user's Resistance a large amount. FFRK Light Helm FFI
Light Helm (I)
Ultimate Shield
FFRK Ultimate Shield Icon
1 Deal eight physical holy and non-elemental attacks to one target, infuse the user with the power of holy light, and grant Haste and Burst Mode to the user. FFRK Lustrous Shield FFI
Lustrous Shield (I)
Shining Saber
FFRK Bright Saber Icon
1 1 Deal massive physical holy and non-elemental damage to one target. Deals more damage for each attack the user has taken, and can break the damage cap. FFRK Excalibur FFI
Excalibur (I)
Shield of Light*
FFRK Shield of Light Icon
FFRK Ragnarok FFI
Ragnarok (I)


Soul Break Soul Gauge Target Properties Relic
Healing Gift*
FFRK Healing Gift Icon
Elemental Gift*
FFRK Elemental Gift Icon
FFRK Unknown MFF Armor
モグるみ (I)
Hastening Gift*
FFRK Hastening Gift Icon
FFRK Angel Rod MFF
Angel Rod (I)
Breaker's Gift*
FFRK Breaker&#039;s Gift Icon
FFRK Legendary Maracas FFI
Legendary Maracas (I)
Echo's Reward*
FFRK Echo&#039;s Reward Icon
FFRK Wisdom Cane FFI
Wisdom Cane (I)


Soul Break Soul Gauge Target Properties Relic
Leading Light
FFRK Guiding Light Icon
Sacred Prayer
FFRK Holy Prayer Icon
FFRK Healing Staff FFI
Healing Staff (I)
Ballad of Cornelia (コーネリアの調べ)
FFRK Cornelia Melody Icon
FFRK White Robe FFI
White Robe (I)
Ancient Lute*
FFRK Ancient Lute Icon
FFRK Ancient Lute FFI
Ancient Lute (I)
Ancient Prayer Song (古の祈り歌)*
FFRK Ancient Prayer Song Icon
FFRK Luminous Robe FFI
Luminous Robe (I)


Soul Break Soul Gauge Target Properties Relic
Onion Dicer
FFRK Onion Dicer Icon
1 Single None
Deal three physical attacks to one target.
Dancing Edge
FFRK Dancing Edge MFF Icon
1 Single FFRK Unknown MFF Armor 2
Blank Gear (I)
Deal four physical attacks to one target, and temporarily lower its Defense a large amount.
Arc Slash
FFRK Arc Slash Icon
1 All FFRK Blank Blade MFF
Blank Blade (I)
Deal four physical attacks to all targets, and temporarily lower their Attack and Magic a large amount.
FFRK Overkill Icon
FFRK Ogrenix FFI
Ogrenix (I)
Shijin Spiral*
FFRK Shijin Spiral Icon
FFRK Monk Form FFI
Monk Form (I)


Soul Break Soul Gauge Target Properties Relic
Dire Strike
FFRK Onslaught Icon
FFRK Chaosbringer Icon
FFRK Soulrender MFF
Soulrender (I)
Chaos Cyclone
FFRK Chaos Tornado Icon
FFRK Dark Armor FFI
Dark Armor (I)
Dark Rebirth
FFRK Reincarnation of Battle Icon
FFRK Ogrekiller FFI
Ogrekiller (I)
Burst Mode abilities: FFRK Deathblow IconDeathblow, FFRK Wave of Darkness IconWave of Darkness
FFRK Bardiche Icon
FFRK Gigantaxe FFI
Gigantaxe (I)
Discord Incarnate*
FFRK Discord Incarnate Icon
FFRK Earthbreaker FFI
Earthbreaker (I)

Master MonkEdit

Soul Break Soul Gauge Target Properties Relic
Into the Strongest*
FFRK Into the Strongest Icon
Moment of clarity (精神一到)*
FFRK One Spirit Icon
FFRK Survival Vest FFI
Survival Vest (I)
Show of Courage (勇気の証明)
FFRK Proof of Courage Icon
FFRK Steel Gloves FFI
Steel Gloves (I)


Soul Break Soul Gauge Target Properties Relic
Universal Medicine*
FFRK Universal Medicine Icon
Inner Eye (真眼の魔女)*
FFRK Witch&#039;s True Eye Icon
FFRK Matoya&#039;s Broom FFI
Matoya's Broom (I)
Burst Mode abilities: FFRK Double Chant Pair IconDouble Chant・Pair, FFRK Double Chant Polar IconDouble Chant・Polar
Witch's Brew
FFRK Witch&#039;s Elixir Icon
FFRK Black Robe FFI
Black Robe (I)


Soul Break Soul Gauge Target Properties Relic
Meia Synchro*
FFRK Meia Synchro Icon
Vital Elan (エラン・ヴィタール)*
FFRK Vital Elan Icon
FFRK Cat-Ear Hood FFI
Cat-Ear Hood (I)
Summon Famfrit*
FFRK Summon Famfrit Icon
FFRK Black Robe FFI
Black Robe (I)
Burst Mode abilities: FFRK Pallida Fructus Icon Pallida Fructus, FFRK Pallida Schelling Icon Pallida Schelling


Relm-ffvi-snes-battleThis gallery is incomplete and requires Guiding Light, Into the Strongest, Meia Synchro, Onion Dicer, Onslaught, Healing Gift and Universal Medicine added. You can help the Final Fantasy Wiki by uploading images.

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