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This article is about an ongoing project that's continually being updated. As such, some of the information might be inaccurate or likely to change. Please look over our policy for updating articles covering upcoming games before editing this page.

FFRK Soul Breaks (必殺技, Hissatsu Waza?, lit. Special Move), referred as Soul Strikes in the database and often abbreviated as SB by players, are special abilities in Final Fantasy Record Keeper. Soul Breaks are similar to the Limit Break system found in previous installments in the series.


Each playable character has a Soul Break, which is sometimes unique to specific characters or usable by multiple characters. All characters start with a Soul Break but are able to use other Soul Breaks by equipping specific pieces of equipment, such as a weapon.


Initially, players were forced to pick only one Soul Break for their characters before they were brought into battle. The game later allowed for characters to choose 4 different Soul Breaks to bring into battle. Character-specific Soul Breaks, also known as Unique Soul Breaks, could also be mastered by the character, thus allowing them to use Unique Soul Breaks without having to wear the equipment that originally granted it.


More powerful versions of Soul Breaks have been introduced as well.

Super Soul Breaks

Super Soul Breaks (超必殺技, Chōhissatsuwaza?, lit. Super Special Move), or SSBs for short, are not unlike unique Soul Breaks in that they are specific to one character. However, each of them also grants a specific permanent stat boost to that hero once the Soul Break has been mastered. All Super Soul Breaks are indicated by a Plus ("+") symbol on the bottom right corner of their button icons. They are assigned to rarity rank 5 weapons and armor.

Burst Soul Breaks

Burst Soul Breaks (バースト超必殺技, Bāsuto Chōhissatsuwaza?, lit. Burst Super Special Move), or BSBs for short, are stronger than Super Soul Breaks in that they also grant the user with Burst Mode status, which replace the "Attack" and "Defend" ability with unique abilities for a fixed duration. If used as a Roaming Warrior, the effects of Burst Mode are granted to the summoning character as well. Mastery of Burst Soul Breaks also imbues the target character with permanent stat boosts. All Burst Soul Breaks are indicated by a red burst fire symbol on the bottom right corner of their button icons. They are assigned to rarity rank 5 weapons and armor.

Overstrike Soul Breaks

Overstrike Soul Breaks (オーバーフロー超必殺技, Ōbāfurō Chōhissatsuwaza?, lit. Overflow Super Special Move), or OSBs for short, are powerful moves that break the damage limit, extending the cap to 99,999 points, but are always single hit abilities, even though the animation may indicate otherwise. As with SSBs and BSBs, Overstrikes offer permanent stat boosts to their target characters. OSBs are indicated by an arrow badge on their button icons. They are assigned to rarity rank 6 weapons and armor.

Core classesEdit

FF IEdit




FF VEdit





FF XEdit







Shared Soul BreaksEdit

Japanese releaseEdit

Soul Break Notes
Slow Shot*
FFRK Slow Shot Icon
FFRK Pinwheel FFIX
Pinwheel (IX)
Frozen Sword
FFRK Frozen Sword Icon
Slow Buster
FFRK Slow Buster Icon
Immovable Sword
FFRK Immovable Sword Icon
Flying Head Shot
FFRK Flying Head Shot Icon
Death Hand
FFRK Death Hand Icon
Light Protector (光の守護)
FFRK Light Protector Icon
FFRK Light Robe FFIV
Luminous Robe (IV)
Sleep Thrust
FFRK Sleep Thrust Icon
FFRK Partisan FFV
Partisan (V)
Medicine Knowledge (回復薬の知識)
FFRK Medicine Knowledge Icon
FFRK Scholar Hat FFIII
Scholar Hat (III)
Attack Up
FFRK Attack Up Icon
Red Hat (IX)
FFRK Revival Icon
FFRK Lamia's Tiara FFXII
Lamia's Tiara (XII)
Heal Water
FFRK Heal Water Icon
FFRK Spirit’s Diadem RoM
Spirit's Diadem (RoM)
Healing Examination
FFRK Healing Examination Icon
Silence Blow
FFRK Silence Blow Icon
Sword Dance
FFRK Sword Dance Icon
Twin Edge
FFRK Twin Edge Icon
Tiger Roar
FFRK Tiger Roar Icon
Tigerclaw (XIII)
Saintly Beam
FFRK Saintly Beam Icon
FFRK Flammie Icon
FFRK Wind Drum RoM
Wind Drum (RoM)
Frozen Snow (凍雪)
FFRK Frozen Snow Icon
Ice Rod (FFT)
FFRK Dignity Icon
Slow Blast
FFRK Slow Blast Icon
Bladeblitz Break
FFRK Bladeblitz Break Icon
Mana Blade
FFRK Mana Blade Icon
FFRK Mana Sword RoM
Mana Sword (RoM)
Battle Roar
FFRK Battle Roar Icon
FFRK Provoke Icon
Light of Exorcism
FFRK Light of Exorcism Icon
Group Treatment [全体治療]
FFRK Group Treatment Icon
Werebuster (II)
Light Savior
FFRK Light Savior Icon
Ignus Fatuus
FFRK Ignus Fatuus Icon
Lilith Rod (V)
FFRK Flash SB Icon
Diamond Plate (V)
FFRK Breakdown Icon
FFRK First Goal FFX
First Goal (X)
Patron of Aegis
FFRK Patron of Aegis Icon
Aegis Shield (V)
Scarlet Blade [緋緋色の刃]
FFRK Scarlet Blade Icon
Orichalcum (II)
First Aid
FFRK First Aid Icon
Esthar Bracers (VIII)
FFRK Salvation Icon
Inferno Fang
FFRK Inferno Fang Icon
Inferno Fang (VIII)
FFRK Freeze Icon
Ice Rod (T)
FFRK Pray Icon
Mage's Staff (X)
FFRK Heal Icon
FFRK Healing Staff FFIV
Healing Staff (IV)
FFRK Regenerate Icon
FFRK White Staff FFT
White Staff (FFT)
FFRK Teamwork Icon
Aurochs Uniform (X)
Mind Up
FFRK Mind Up Icon
FFRK Survival Vest FFXII
Survival Vest (XII)
Whole Body Blow (渾身の一撃)
FFRK Whole Body Blow Icon
FFRK Black Belt Gi FFIV
Black Belt Gi (IV)
FFRK Protect RoM Icon
FFRK Plasma Suit RoM
Plasma Suit (RoM)
Raven's Yawn
FFRK Raven's Yawn Icon
Light Curtain
FFRK Light Curtain Icon
Zeus's Wrath
FFRK Zeus's Wrath Icon
FFRK Serpent Sword FFIII
Serpent Sword (III)
Warrior's Protection
FFRK Warrior's Protection Icon
FFRK Warrior's Bracer FFX
Warrior's Bracer (X)
Earth Healing
FFRK Earth Healing Icon
Gaia Gear (V)
Shock Throw
FFRK Shock Throw Icon
Boomerang (VII)
Time Heal
FFRK Time Heal Icon
Precious Watch (VII)
Smokescreen (煙幕)
FFRK Smokescreen Icon
FFRK Thief's Bracer FFVI
Thief's Bracer (VI)
Illuminating Power
FFRK Illuminating Power Icon
FFRK Christmas Mittens
Christmas Mittens (VII)
Helm Divide
FFRK Helm Divide Icon
Feather Heal
FFRK Feather Heal Icon
FFRK Chocobracelet FFVII
Chocobracelet (VII)
Graceful Shine
FFRK Graceful Shine Icon
FFRK Diamond Shield FFI
Diamond Shield (I)
Everyone Dies Arrows (皆死ね矢)
FFRK Everyone Dies Arrows Icon
FFRK Grim Reaper RS2
Grim Reaper
Blessing (祝福)
FFRK Blessing RS2 Icon
FFRK Liberty Staff RS2
Liberty Staff
Galaxy (ギャラクシィ)
FFRK Galaxy Icon
FFRK Avalon Holy Clothes RS2
Avalon Holy Clothes
Turbulence Divider (乱れ雪月花)
FFRK Turbulence Divider Icon
FFRK Moonlight RS2
Energy Ball
FFRK Energy Ball Icon
FFRK Spirit Bracelet SoM
Spirit Bracelet (I)
FFRK Balloon Icon
FFRK Fuma Shuriken SoM
Fuma Shuriken (I)
Lucid Barrier
FFRK Lucid Barrier Icon
FFRK Griffin Helm SoM
Griffin Helm (I)
Fire Cocktail
FFRK Fire Cocktail Icon
FFRK Garuda Buster SoM
Garuda Buster (I)
FFRK Anti-Magic Icon
FFRK Spirit’s Mantle SoM
Spirit's Mantle (I)
FFRK Blitz (shared) Icon
FFRK Engine Blade FFXV
Engine Blade (XV)



The soul, in many religious, philosophical, psychological, and mythological traditions, is the incorporeal and, in many conceptions, immortal essence of a person, living thing, or object.

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