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Sony Interactive Entertainment, Inc. (SIE), formerly known as Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. (SCE), is a video game company specializing in a variety of video game areas, mostly in the video game consoles, and is the full subsidiary of Sony Corporation that was established in 1993 in Tokyo, Japan. As SCE, the company held exclusive rights to the distribution of Final Fantasy VII in 1997. Square Enix, starting as Squaresoft, later elected to publish many Final Fantasy titles to Sony consoles first, including several side games and remakes such as Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy Chronicles. Several main series titles, including Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy XII, were initially released exclusively for Sony consoles due to their technical requirements, as other consoles were often not suited to running the games themselves.

Although Square Enix has transitioned into a multi-platform developer, it has released all of its main Final Fantasy titles to the present Final Fantasy XV on Sony hardware.


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