Lightning plays the role of the savior.

I am the true savior. I was made to serve god. But if that god lies to me, then he dies!
—Lightning in the Song of the Savior.

The Song of the Savior (解放者の伝説, Kaihōsha no Densetsu?), known as The Legend of the Savior in the Japanese release, is a stage performance in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII held every night in Yusnaan at 3 AM. It tells the story of the savior, a divine warrior woman chosen by the god Bhunivelze who arrives at the end of days to save humanity's souls and usher the coming of the new world.



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Lightning tries to come up with a way to re-infiltrate Snow Villiers's palace to save his soul. Hope Estheim suggests she become the lead actress in the show and rig the fireworks to topple the Statue of God in Augur's Square to cross the palace walls. After convincing Director Sarzhak to let her star in the play, Lightning gathers the Fireworks and competes in the Slaughterhouse to win the appropriate costume, Midnight Mauve. She plays the part of the savior and the statue falls, enabling her to leap over the palace walls and continue her mission.

After the statue has fallen performances of the play are cancelled, with many disappointed spectators around Augur's Square commenting they are disappointed to have missed it.

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Musical themesEdit

Two tracks play during The Song of the Savior: "The Song of the Savior -The Chosen One-" and "The Song of the Savior -Grand Finale-".



A savior is a person who helps people achieve salvation, or saves them from something. They have appeared under numerous names in religion, such as Soter, Saoshyant, Redeemer, Messiah, Mashiach, and Mahdi.