Occult Fan 3

Solomon Ring in Occult Fan.

The Solomon Ring (ソロモンの指輪, Soromon no Yubiwa?) is a unique item in Final Fantasy VIII. It is the key to unlocking the secret Guardian Force, Doomtrain. For it to be used, Malboro Tentacle x6, Steel Pipe x6, and Remedy + x6 must be gathered. The player is supposed to figure this out by reading the Occult Fan magazine. The ring is located within Tears' Point at the foot of the statue of a woman with a harp. The player can gain multiple Solomon Rings by playing Chocobo World.


The ring refers to King Solomon, said to have been given a magical ring by the Archangel Michael that allowed him to command demons to do his will. In demonology, these included the 72 demons of the Goetia, one of which is Glasya-Labolas, the Japanese name for Doomtrain.