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Solkzagyl Keltnaglsyn, also known as Solkzagyl the Loyal, is a non-playable character in Final Fantasy XIV. A free paladin, he was the former captain of the Sultansworn.

Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Solkzagyl is a male sea wolf roegadyn with brown hair. He wears a full set of gallant attire as befitting a Paladin.

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Story Edit

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Solkzagyl is first seen unnamed during the quest "Paladin's Pledge," where he claims to be a free paladin and gives the Adventurer a soulstone. Captain Jenlyns Straightblade later explains he was a traitor that had stolen the Oathkeeper.

Solkzagyl is not seen again until the quest "Parley in the Sagolii," where he appears to deflect an assassin's arrow from striking a wounded Jenlyns . He explains that he was no traitor, and Jenlyns was too blinded by his conviction to realize he was being manipulated by the Monetarists. As he carries off an unconscious Jenlyns, he teaches the Adventurer the Paladin skill Spirits Within.

In the final quest, "Keeping the Oath," Solkzagyl meets the Adventurer in Central Thanalan, where he explains that Jenlyns's plan to lure the Monetarists' assassins at Snowcloak will get him killed, and he intends to aid him. He asks what path the adventurer will choose

At Snowcloak, the Adventurer catches up to Jenlyns and Solkzagyl, who prepare to fight off the unusual assassins: voidsent. Realizing a mage must be responsible, they search the area until they discover a strange grimoire. The arcanist reveals himself and is fought off by the trio of paladins. With the threat gone, Solkzagyl declines the offer to return to his post as captain, stating that having left the order he can't return, and believes Jenlyns has proven himself qualified as captain thanks to his training of the Adventurer.

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Gameplay Edit

Solkzagyl fights alongside the player and Jenlyns during the final Paladin quest "Keeping the Oath." His skillset is typical for a Paladin of the level-range the quest is taken at, but he also serves as the undesignated healer for the temporary party, as he casts Cure on himself, Jenlyns, or the player depending on their HP (and notably uses his sword for the spellcasting animation).

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