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Solkwyb is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy XIV. A conjurer employed by the Marauders' Guild, she provides assistance in the training of marauders.



Solkwyb is a Sea Wolf Roegadyn with light green skin and silvery hair. She is dressed in a brown conjurer's robe and wears an eyepatch.

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Solkwyb is the sister of guildmaster Wyrnzoen. Due to her skill in the healing arts, she is often tasked in supporting marauders in more dangerous assignments. As such, she accompanies the Adventurer on many tasks as they prepare to take on Kujata, including the confrontation with the beast itself.

She later assists the Adventurer in aiding the guards of Costa del Sol with a turtle problem. During the skirmish, a warrior named Curious Gorge appeared and fended off a large turtle. Solkwyb recognizes his techniques as being of lost arts of the Warrior, and encourages the adventurer to take up his offer of training.

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Solkwyb provides healing support during the solo instanced duties in the Marauder storyline, and gives advice on managing enmity. This largely serves as a tutorial for the player on how to use marauder in a tank role in group content.

While she mostly just heals the player with Cure, she will use Aero to defend herself if she comes under attack.

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