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Ashley Riot in the Snowfly Forest.

The Snowfly Forest is a forest surrounding the city of Leá Monde in Vagrant Story. It is a dense confusion forest located between the Undercity West and City Walls South. There is also a secret location called "Snowfly Forest East" that can only be reached from the City Walls East. It is inhabited by many small white floating creatures, called Snowflies. These creatures congregate where the Dark is densest. The entire area is a hazy maze with limited visibility, making it difficult for players to navigate. Pressing X-button on the trees will instantly orient Ashley to point south.

Storyline Edit

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

Riskbreaker Ashley Riot goes into the Forest during his investigation, ignoring warnings from Rosencrantz. He is trailed by Father Grissom and his two Crimson Blades, Faendos and Lamkin. However, both of his men are lost in an earthquake. Grissom eventually finds his enemy, Sydney Losstarot, and summons a demon to fight him. Sydney, joining forces with Ashley, defeats both the Crimson Blade captain and his monster.

Sydney then uses his powers to unlock Ashley's hidden secrets about his family, Tia and Marco.

Spoilers end here.

Enemies Edit

Which Way Home
The Birds and the Bees
Return to the Land
Where Soft Rains Fell
The Forest River
Hewn From Nature
Nature's Womb

Treasures Edit

The Faerie Circle
  • Magic Circle
The Forest River
  • Magic Circle
  • Knuckle Grip
  • Circle Shield
  • Chain Mail
  • Sylphid Ring
  • Nightkiller Gem
  • Acolyte's Nostrum (x3)
  • Grimoire Agilite
Hewn From Nature
  • Corpse Reviver
  • Firangi
  • Circle Shield
  • Vera Tonic (x3)
  • Cure Bulb (X3)
The Wood Gate
  • Magic Circle
Nature's Womb
  • Knight Shield
  • Djinn's Amber
  • Acolyte's Nostrum (x3)

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