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FFII PSP Snowcraft

Riding the Snowcraft (PSP).

A craft that can travel over deep snow.

The Snowcraft (雪上船, Setsujō Fune?) is a means of transportation in Final Fantasy II. For a long time, it was hidden by Josef, stashed away in a hidden room in the Semitt Falls Cave. The Snowcraft is required to cross the Snowfield and reach the Snow Cave.

In all versions except the original NES version, there is a memory minigame that can be played while riding the Snowcraft.

To access it:

The awards that can be won in the game are changed if the player can get the level of their Frog spell to 16 on the Dawn of Souls-remake, and consist of late-game rare items, such as Genji Gear and Masamunes.

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper Edit


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