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Snow is an enemy and an optional boss from Final Fantasy VII. To obtain the Alexander Summon Materia, the player must examine the hot spring in the Great Glacier and then talk to Snow in the easternmost cave in the glacier to start a fight. Losing this fight does not cause a Game Over, and instead Snow will say Hah, just remember your place! before the player is transported to Holzoff's house at the base of Gaea's Cliff with 1 HP.

Snow is also fought as a random encounter in the area and in the fifth round of the Battle Square after the player acquires the Highwind and Cloud Strife rejoins the party. When fought on the Battle Square its stats are enhanced with double the normal HP and its Attack and Magic Attack are increased by 25%.

It is possible to get a preemptive attack on Snow even as a boss because there are random battles in the room she is fought in.


# Formation
679 Snow
687 Snow
690 Bandersnatch A, Snow, Bandersnatch B (Attack from both sides)
694 Row 1: Snow
Row 2: Lessaloploth
695 Snow


Great Glacier
Directional Sign 687, 690 (Side Attack)
Frozen Lake 687, 690 (Side Attack)
Island Cave 687, 690 (Side Attack)
Lake Island 687, 690 (Side Attack)
Bridge 694, 695
Tree 687, 690 (Side Attack)
Ice Rocks 694, 695
Ice Rocks Cave 694, 695
Crossroads 687, 690 (Side Attack)
Cliff Face 694, 695
Snow Field Cave 687, 690 (Side Attack)
Snow's Cave Entrance 694, 695
Snow's Cave 694, 695, 679 (event)
Battle Square (with Highwind available)
Group B - Battle 5 694


Snow keeps her regular random encounter stats during her "boss fight". She uses Ice attacks and Fascination, an attack that always causes Confusion on one character. Her Ice2 spell is used as a counter-attack only. The Fire element is effective here, and Fire2 and Beta are powerful against her. The player can steal the rare Circlet from her.

AI scriptEdit

Start of battle

Declare Count = Rnd(0..3)

Declare SpclChance = 5

If (Count < 3) Then

If (At Least One Opponent doesn't have Confusion Status) Then: Use Cold Breath on random opponent without Confusion

Else: Use Cold Breath on random opponent

Count = Count + 1


If (At Least One Opponent doesn't have Confusion Status) Then: Use Fascination on random opponent without Confusion

Else: Use Fascination on random opponent

Count = Rnd(0..1)

Counter - if attacked physically
If ((Snow's HP <= 25% of Snow's Max HP) & (SpclChance == 3)) Then

If (Snow's MP >= 22) Then: Use Ice2 on Snow's last physical attacker

SpclChance = 2

Else If ((Snow's HP <= 50% of Snow's Max HP) & (SpclChance == 4)) Then

If (Snow's MP >= 22) Then: Use Ice2 on Snow's last physical attacker

SpclChance = 3

Else If (Snow's HP <= 75% of Snow's Max HP) & (SpclChance == 5)) Then

If (Snow's MP >= 22) Then: Use Ice2 on Snow's last physical attacker

SpclChance = 4

Else: SpclChance = 5

Counter - if attacked magically

If Snow's last magical attacker doesn't have Confusion status: Use Fascination on Snow's last magical attacker



  • Snow creature may be based on the Yuki-onna (雪女?, lit. snow woman) from Japanese mythology. The Yuki-onna is an apparition of a woman, which appears on snowy mountains. The creature's doings vary from tale to tale; in some renditions it helps lost travelers, but in others, it lures them away and freezes them.
  • The field model of Snow is that of a normal woman but uses graphic filters to color it blue/purple.

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